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Marc Royce Adventures:
Book 1: Lion of Babylon (Library Journal 'Best Books 2011')
Book 2: Rare Earth (2013 Christy Award winner for Suspense Fiction)
Book 3: Strait of Hormuz

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"A phenomenal read. This book delves into a series of crucial issues, and does so with a sensitivity that left me literally stunned."
-- Keith Hazard, Deputy Director (ret), CIA

Lion of Babylon

Davis Bunn

Library Journal named Lion of Babylon a "Best Books 2011" in the Christian Fiction category.


Marc Royce works for the State Department on special assignments, most of them rather routine, until two CIA operatives go missing in Iraq--kidnapped by Taliban forces bent on generating chaos in the region.

Two others also drop out of sight--a high-placed Iraqi civilian and an American woman providing humanitarian aid. Are the disappearances linked?

Rumors circulate in a whirl of misinformation. Marc must unravel the truth in a covert operation requiring utmost secrecy--from both the Americans and the insurgents. But even more secret than the undercover operation is the underground dialogue taking place between sworn enemies. Will the ultimate Reconciler between ancient enemies, current foes, and fanatical religious factions be heard?

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TOP PICK FOR JULY 2011: Bunn has created an Iraq that offers seeds of hope sown by the only Reconciler capable of bringing the sharply divided country--and region--into harmony. His writing is taught, his message clear: Hopes comes from God alone.
~Ann E. Byle, Christian Retailing

Bunn does for readers what keeps them coming back.  Descriptions so vivid you can smell the food and choke on the desert sand.  Bunn breaks the mold.  Fans will leap for this precise and intricate tale.
~Publishers Weekly

This exciting, action-packed thriller features a strong sense of place in its depictions of the people and politics of the Middle East. It is sure to please his fans and win him new ones.
~Nanci Milone Hill, Library Journal

I couldn’t put this one down. A fast-paced, gripping thriller, Lion of Babylon is rich not only with adventure but also with visual details and dramatic, snapshot insights into the Middle East, its traditions, history, and people.
~Phyllis Tickle, bestselling author and Senior Consulting Editor to Publishers Weekly

Written with sensitivity to both Muslim and Christian beliefs, Bunn masterly accomplishes a feat that would leave the State Department in awe. The nonstop action and suspense demand to be met by fast-paced reading. I highly recommend this powerful masterpiece.

I have visited Iraq nine different times.  This book brought back to my memory the conditions there and how this story maps the trail for Iraq's best destination. All is possible when we ask in prayer what course we should take. God has blessed Davis Bunn well with great story telling ability and how to apply his talent with what is happening in the world today.
~Lincoln Davis, United States Congressman (R-TN)

A modern-day thriller set amid the conflict of ancient cultures. Bunn’s work emphasizes the genuine relevance of real faith in the contemporary world. Read carefully and reflect deeply on its message of hope and reconciliation.
~Rev. Nicholas Wood, Director, Center for Christianity and Culture, Regent's Park College, University of Oxford; President, Christian-Muslim Forum of England

Davis Bunn’s intricately-researched, richly detailed novels amaze me. He’s unafraid to peer into the depths of the human condition, yet always finds a way to point us to a truer compass.
~Steven James, bestselling author of The Pawn

Bunn is a master at crafting realistic characters and dialogue that capture the reader's heart and attention so they are forced to keep turning the pages. The result is a riveting story where ancient enemies must come together to solve the mysterious disappearances and unravel the truth. A rich tapestry results in suspense mixed with faith-in-action. I'm a fan of Bunn's work but he has done it again with Lion of Babylon. Get a copy of this book.
~W. Terry Whalin, publisher, editor, writer

A phenomenal read. Lion of Babylon is far more than simply a great thriller. This book delves into a series of crucial issues, and does so with a sensitivity that left me literally stunned. Bunn has demonstrated remarkable wisdom and compassion for the region and its people. At the same time, he tells a story that grips the reader and refuses to let go. Lion of Babylon is a perfect vehicle for anyone interested in learning more about the Middle East, and what lies beyond today’s headlines. The descriptions are beautifully crafted, the characters vibrantly drawn. Truly a superb book.
~Keith Hazard, Deputy Director (ret), CIA

What an amazing, engaging story. A multitude of strands flow together seamlessly from the major issues presented in the book. Lion of Babylon encourages us to have big hearts, remove prejudice, discover new concepts, break down barriers and engage with people from a starting point of being created in the image of God. I found my heart expanded and warmed by Lion of Babylon. Remarkable creativity, energy, intrigue and mystery.
~Roy Crowne, Chairman, Youth for Christ UK; Director, Hope UK

Lion of Babylon is an absolutely fantastic read. This tremendous novel draws the reader into an ancient Biblical culture, and wonderfully reveals the role of faith in Jesus. Davis Bunn invites us to look beyond the temptation of irreconcilable conflict between nations. Instead, he offers a transcendent message of courage and hope. Bunn’s work compares with the best from authors like Graham Greene and John Grisham. My mind and heart were opened. Magnificent.
~Rev. Malcolm Yarnell, Professor of Theology and Director, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Astonishing. I could not put it down! Incredibly perceptive. This was way beyond merely a good read. I can recommend this book to my Middle Eastern friends – whatever their background. The picture of the underground church. The interplay between politics and faith. And the way Bunn humanizes the Arabs. An amazing read and a brilliant treatise on the Middle East.
~Carl Madearis, Promise Keepers keynote speaker; Author, Christians, Muslims, and Jesus