Photo of Gold of Kings - A Storm Syrrell Adventure, Book 1 (New in paperback!)

Storm Syrrell Adventure Series
Gold of Kings (Book 1)
The Black Madonna (Book 2)
"A powerful and gripping page turner. Buckle yourself in and prepare for an exciting ride."
-- Mark Siljander, United States Congressman

Gold of Kings - A Storm Syrrell Adventure, Book 1 (New in paperback!)

Davis Bunn

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A dealer in art and antiquities, Storm Syrrell arranges her life as she does her work -- into neat, orderly categories. But when her grandfather is murdered, all certainties are crushingly replaced by suspicions. She struggles to understand his death -- and decipher the frayed leather journal she finds hidden in his vault.

Storm soon realizes that, far from being simply a discreet art broker, Sean Syrrell was a trusted go-between in the highest ranks of business and government in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

But not all of Sean's associates were quite so lofty. Enter Harry Bennett, a scruffy professional treasure hunter just released from a Caribbean jail, followed by Emma Webb, a US government lawyer with links to Interpol. Storm pushes her doubts aside, locks the door to her Palm Beach art gallery, and opens herself to the quest begun by her grandfather.

Their trail leads them ever farther afield -- London, France, Istanbul, Cyprus -- and ever deeper into danger. A vital clue is discovered within the Copper Scroll of Qumran: Hidden beneath the dusty mysteries of two thousand years lies a fortune in gold with a timeless significance.

With the tangled motives of greed and power coming into focus, something unexpected tugs at Storm. These treasures represent a vital connection to an ancient faith. Will her quest include a personal transformation as well?

"The first of a new adventure series for this three-time Christy Award winner brings together an odd couple for an international trail of clues and near-death experiences.

Grieving Storm Syrell, an antiques dealer and art historian, must fathom the circumstances behind her grandfather's death. She and ex-con treasure hunter Harry Bennett team up to uncover a conspiracy that led to the demise of the old treasure trader.

For readers interested in politics in the Middle East, travel in the Mediterranean and the biblical and historical ruminations in the story, this Oxford University writer-in-residence has plenty to offer in a smooth blend of romance, biblical historical archeology and murder mystery. Christian fiction readers will enjoy a more evangelically orthodox story than Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code; they will get a similarly long string of clues and a command of this genre mix as well. With this adventure, Bunn should win another crown."
     —Publishers Weekly

"In this slick adventure thriller, an antiques dealer, whose grandfather has suddenly and suspiciously died, teams up with a veteran treasure hunter to follow a series of clues in the dead man’s journal. The trail leads the pair across the world, as they chase after some valuable historical documents while keeping one small step ahead of some very nasty pursuers.

Readers of James Rollins or Steve Berry (or fans of the Indiana Jones movies) will be on solid ground here and probably won’t mind that the story is perhaps a bit too derivative. The two leads, antiques dealer Storm Syrell and shifty treasure hunter Harry Bennett, are well constructed and likable, and Bunn, author of more than 15 previous novels, including the Marcus Glenwood legal-thriller series, keeps things moving at a brisk clip. 

Most of Bunn’s previous work has been marketed at readers of Christian fiction, but this one can be confidently recommend to fans of globetrotting thrillers as well."
     —David Pitt, Booklist
“A riveting tale. From the first page it grips and doesn’t let go. I know these people, these places, these situations. Unlike too many of today’s treasure‑based adventures, Bunn absolutely gets it right! Gold of Kings is an irresistible blend of solid action and historical facts and superb characters and great intrigue."
      —Bob Marx, pre‑eminent treasure hunter and author of The World’s Richest Wrecks
“I have absolutely devoured Gold of Kings! This story is a positive wonder of entertainment. An animated travelogue mixed with superb characterizations and accomplished writing. A powerful, powerful piece of work.”
     —Phyllis Tickle, bestselling author

“A fabulous tale…A thinking person’s Indiana Jones.”
     —Hy Smith, Senior VP, United International Pictures

 “If you are a reader of Bunn’s electric thrillers, don’t miss this one. If for any reason you have missed his previous  ones, this is a great place to start.”
      —Janette Oke, bestselling author
“...The work of a master craftsman. Davis Bunn’s skill allows us to see and feel the dangerous and exotic places he guides us through. His characters are compelling, real, admirable, and memorable.”
      —Ken Kulken, bestselling author of Midheaven

“Gold of Kings grips you on the first page and propels you though one of the great treasure hunts of all time. Both  challenging and satisfying. A magnificent read.”
      —Ted Baehr, President, Movieguide
"A superb story...It engages quickly and offers enormous insight into our religious history and the world of art. Such an engagement of head and heart makes for a truly special read. "
     —William Aramony, President, Bridges for Peace

 “An edge‑of‑your‑seat thriller, filled with false leads and nonstop action. A global treasure hunt.”
     —Harriet Klausner, #1 Amazon reviewer

“An electrifying and tantalizing tale! This amazing story grips the reader long after the last page is turned. An  action‑packed thriller that exhausts yet exhilerates.”
      —Susan Wales, bestselling author