Photo of All Through the Night

Extraordinary writing..."
-- Dale Lewis,

All Through the Night

Davis Bunn

Broken relationships and unfulfilled promises scatter themselves across Wayne's past like burned-out craters. His background in military special-ops is something he's trying to forget. But when he gets himself sweet-talked into helping a quirky group of seniors who've been scammed, he discovers it will take a lot more than muscle and nerve.

Breach a con man's high-security estate to recover stolen money? No problem.

Become part of community? Love again? Not on your life.

A lawyer with her own painful past is intrigued by Wayne and asks him to take on another unusual case--Tatanya's wealthy employer believes he's been visited by an angel? Did a messenger from God in a pinstripe suit truly bring a divine warning, or is this merely another cruel hoax? Tatanya is willing to trust Wayne with her boss's life, but she's not sure she's ready to trust him with her own wounded heart.

With a financial analyst's skills and a warrior's tenacity, Wayne races to unmask dangerous forces hiding behind a corporate veil. But he will need all his resources--and then some--against an unseen enemy bent on destroying his fragile bid for a second chance at life--and love.

"Corporate maneuverings, intrigue, fraud, shoot-outs, hot cars, justice for the downtrodden. Davis Bunn's romantic suspense tale, All Through the Night, has it all--and plenty of spiritual elements for the faith fiction reader.... Vigorous faith themes anchor the plot.

Victoria, a senior citizen with a direct line to God who is not afraid to give Wayne some straight talk about spiritual matters, provides some of the more reflective spiritual moments in the novel.

The romance themes are engaging. Tatanya and Wayne have been wounded by love in the past, and both are hesitant to become involved with another person again. Other characters who play a minor role, such as Jerry and Foster, are interesting and likable, and a subplot involving Julio, a Hispanic teen, sheds light on Wayne's character....

Bunn is a talented writer, and All Through the Night will entertain lovers of romantic suspense."
     Cindy Crosby,

"You expect a hero to be very strong or very smart, or, as in this book, both. You don't expect him to have a name like Wayne Grusza or to have senior citizens as sidekicks.

Yet, Davis Bunn's extraordinary writing talent and brilliant knowledge of the world of high-finance make this story engrossing, entertaining, and believable.

All Through the Night held me captive and kept me guessing from beginning to end with its winning characters and suspenseful mystery. On top of it all, the book grapples with questions of faith, community and heroism. I couldn't put it down but didn't want it to end."
     Anne Garrett,