You Could Win a Copy of ‘Rare Earth’ or ‘Hidden in Dreams’

Today I’m going to do something a little different. Two bloggers are hosting giveaway contests for my new novels, Rare Earth and Hidden in Dreams. I’ll share both their reviews with you, and provide links to their contests so you can enter both of them. Who knows… perhaps you’ll win a copy of each book!

Our first review and contest are by Jocelin Boutet, author of the blog, In HaShem’s Hand. Jocelin reviewed Rare Earth.

Jocelin, during a trip to Israel.

As my flight took off heading to Oklahoma, I picked up the book I had been excitedly saving back to savor on the two flights I would be taking.  I had enjoyed his first book, Lion of Babylon, and wanted to find out what was the next adventure that Marc Royce would be going on.  This book is technically the sequel to Lion of Babylon; however, it is also a stand-alone novel as nearly all the other characters except the main character are new to this book.

By the time that I had reached page 50, my heart was pumping from the adrenaline.  I felt like I was in Africa which was the setting for this book.  I could just about smell the dirt, sense the fear among the people, and yet feel the hope that was being sought after.

As I was introduced to the various characters in the book – Charles, Philip and the elders, Kitra, Serge, and Crowder, I was not sure whom to trust and who not to.  As the plot deepened, you began to see that something was brewing under the surface…something so sinister that it did not care who or what it took to reach its desired goals.

Again, Bunn did a fabulous job in his accurate portrayal of each person and the cultures portrayed.  I personally come from a Hebraic Roots Christian background, so I’m particularly familiar with Israel and many of the customs there.  He was very accurate in his portrayal of the Israeli desire for excellence, respect for life and people, and desire to protect its own and others in need.

At first I was not sure of Kitra.  She came across as a hard and stubborn person, but I soon came to realize that was just a wall she had built to protect herself.  As you came to know her throughout the book, you could not help coming to love her and want to protect her and her brother Serge who had gone missing!  As you came to understand the complexity of their lives, it made her become a person of much depth.

The many twists and turns throughout the book left you on the edge of your seat with no desire to put it down!  As the book came to a close, you were able to see how all the pieces finally came together to form a complete picture, but in the process, you had learned faith, asking questions, trust, and love.  By the time, I closed the book, I was a very happy reader and could not recommend it enough.

My only question is when is the next book coming out?  I cannot wait to see what happens as you are left with a question as you turn the last page…

Jocelin became a believer just before turning seven, followed Him in baptism a few months later, and has sought to grow in her walk with Him daily. She is a homeschool graduate and has a certificate in Biblical Studies from Liberty University. She is the founder of Standing in YHVH’s Hand Ministries focusing on relationships, finances, and lifestyle.

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Next, we feature a review of Hidden in Dreams by Noah Arsenault, author of  the Heavenward Reviews blog

This being my second time reading Davis Bunn’s work, I suppose I was expecting it to be quite similar to the previous installment, Book of Dreams. In this expectation, I was wrong, and that is a good thing. In the first, Bunn’s focus was fixed closer to the characters’ journey through trials, and used the dreams to keep the pace even and set the mysterious mood. In Hidden in Dreams, the dreams help bring about the final solution to the book, but I will say no more regarding that. The focus, as you’ll see by the end, has been about the “thriller” aspect of the novel.

The characters aren’t the moral focus they had been previously, but are excellent examples of Bunn’s talent nonetheless. His writing is one of the key features that will draw readers in. Despite frequenting the subjects of medical studies, business, the press, politics, and economics, the reader is never bored by these. There is never unnecessary detail; just enough relevant information is given for the reader to understand (and care about) what is happening.

While the dreams are definitely the focus of this novel, they slow near the middle, and so does the reader. They recover, and bring the interest with them, and certainly never allow the thought of quitting the book, but spark some boredom once or twice.

Hidden in Dreams is a novel abounding in wonderful writing and textured characters, and gives a good name to Christian thrillers, but didn’t hold my attention firmly throughout.

My rating: 4 stars

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  1. Darlene Keith says:

    Since Davis Bunn is my favorite author I am curious about this book because I haven’t read the previous one. I would very much like to win it and thank you for the opportunity to enter.

    I do follow his blog and his FB page.

  2. Janet Estridge says:

    Please enter me in the contest to win both of Davis Bunn’s books, “Rare Earth” and “Hidden in Dreams”.
    Thank You !

  3. Shelly Russell says:

    I enjoy Davis Bunn’s books very much! Please enter me in the contest to win “Rare Earth” and “Hidden in Dreams”.

  4. Esther Gibbs says:

    please enter me in the contest for “Rare Earth” and “Hidden in Dreams” as I’m sure they will be as riviting as his “Lion of Babylon!”

  5. JoAnn Jacot says:

    Would love to win either of these books. Really enjoyed reading the other books by Davis Bunn. We are retired, so sure would be great to win!

  6. Rozanne Janacek says:

    I am a huge Davis Bunn fan. Please enter me into your contest to win Hidden in Dreams. I loved the first book and can’t wait to read the next one.

  7. Perry Thomas says:

    Please enter me to win the Davis Bunn books. I appreciate his work. Thank you.

  8. Davis Bunn says:

    Dear Friends,
    Please remember to click the link to Jocelin’s blog and enter the giveaway contest at HER blog. Thanks! -Davis

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