“Yes, You May Borrow ‘Hidden in Dreams’ From Me”


Here are several new reader reviews of Hidden in Dreams.

A Rare Coupling of Science and the Divine

By Diana Williams, To Plant A Seed

Prior to reading Davis Bunn’s Hidden in Dreams I was convinced the only way unrelated people around the globe could experience the same terrifying dream on the same night was through divine intervention. After reading Bunn’s new book I am not so sure of that. Though I believe foretelling the future through dreams is possible, Bunn draws from his rich past in international finance and pharmaceuticals to present another possibility.

Hidden in Dreams follows Dr. Elena Burroughs, a clinical psychologist, as she and her collaborators race to find the source of these dreams that seem to be foretelling worldwide financial collapse, a timely topic in today’s economic atmosphere. Bunn is not afraid to use Burroughs’s spiritual connection to God in the quest. I especially liked this since I have a scientific background, and the stereotype is that scientists are not believers.

Bunn also weaves a subplot in which Dr Burroughs is overcoming personal, emotional, and financial hardship. This gives the story gravity, as real life rarely waits for one to overcome personal challenges before dishing out more through world events or one’s career.

Overall I give Hidden in Dreams 4 stars.

Why 4 stars:

Characterization: 4 stars
Overall the characters seemed realistic in that they were well-developed though I would like to have seen more conflict within some of the characters, i.e. flaws in the good guys and good traits in the bad guys

Creativity:  5 stars
Though God has called Bunn to be a writer, he has had to develop that gift. Having a past career in international finance and running an international business advisory group gives him an understanding that makes this story realistic.

Content suitable to a diverse audience:  3 stars
Because of the strong Christian content I think the target readership is narrow but seekers may be drawn to this book.

Command of language:  3 stars
This was the one area in which I was disappointed. I felt Bunn did more “telling” than “showing” the story, and because of it I was not as pulled into the story as I was hoping to have been. In my opinion, and keep in mind it is just my opinion, this is not one of his best renderings.

Connection to current issues: 5 stars
Since present economic conditions are strained worldwide, this story is timely. Bunn said in an interview, “My dream is that long after the book is set down… there are still images that surface, lessons that can be drawn…” He achieved that with this reader as I know economies can, and usually are, manipulated, but now I wonder just how far some people/governments will go.

Diana Williams took an early retirement in March 2012 from her vocation as an Environmental Scientist to pursue the thing she cannot NOT do—tell stories. By God’s grace she is a past winner of Writer’s Digest Magazine’s annual writing competition.


Yes, I will re-read it!

By Karen Linton

Yes, I will re-read it!

That’s how I really measure a book. Will I re-read it? Is it worth buying a copy (as opposed to reading the library’s only) and keeping it at home? For Hidden in Dreams, the answer is yes.

I finished the book on Monday or Tuesday, but have spent the days since digesting it. And the conclusion is, this is a must-read book. I went into this book a Davis fan and that gave it a bit of an advantage, but it didn’t matter. The storyline that so obviously touches on the things happening in our economy now and the possibilities of dreams.

Yes, you may borrow it from me, but you’ll have to return it. And don’t bend the corners!


Totally Unlike Any Other Novel

By Pamela J. Nelson

Hidden Dreams is a sequel to Book of Dreams. It is totally unlike any other novel I have read, and although it’s a sequel, it’s a very enjoyable stand-alone novel as well.  As usual with Davis Bunn, this story is full of action, adventure and drama with a good dose of romance thrown in.  This drama could have been taken right out of the daily newspaper.  The twists and turns kept me turning page after page, hoping to find out what was going to happen!  I found it riveting!

Even though this can be a stand-alone book, you will definitely want to read book 1 in the series, just because it’s so good.  It was as hard to put down as this one.  I’m very happy to recommend Hidden in Dreams.


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