Will There Be a Book 4 in the Acts of Faith Series?

Book 1: The Centurion’s Wife

Book 2: The Hidden Flame

Book 3: The Damascus Way

Becky writes:

I am searching the web for any word on book #4 in your Acts of Faith series. I hope this message finds Janette Oke and yourself at 100% and considering a book #4.

Your books have enriched my life and have helped bring my faith to a higher level. I thank God for the gifts He has entrusted to you. You will both be in my prayers and certainly book #4 will be a request! God bless your lives and may He reward you greatly for your contributions in obedience to Him.

Dear Becky,

Thank you so much for your lovely note. Unfortunately, for the moment at least, we are not planning on a fourth book in the series. Janette has had some health issues, and as a result she has been seeing the third book as her final work.

It was such an honor to write with her for so long, and it is hard to even put down these words. She did come out of retirement once before, however, in order for us to write these first three novels. So who knows?

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6 Responses to “Will There Be a Book 4 in the Acts of Faith Series?”

  1. Melissa says:

    Oh, it pains me that there will not be a 4th book in the Acts of Faith series! I am such a big fan of these historical fiction accounts. 🙂

    I wish Mrs. Oke well and pray for her health. What a blessing to those of us readers who have been molded and transformed because of her writing and the power of the Holy Spirit. You must have been thrilled beyond belief to be able to write with her!

    Thank you for your books and life lessons that come with them.
    Looking forward to the next one…
    Avid reader- Huge fan!

  2. Dear Mr. Bunn.
    Our women’s group is doing a Reading Group on your Series the Acts of Faith , We have gone thru books one and two and are starting on book three. i loved that you had a readers guide, with questions to help with the first two books but do not see one for the third book The Damascus Way. Can you tell me if there is one and if so where I can look for it.
    Thank you Donna

  3. Mike Mecke says:

    Dear Mr. Bunn and Ms. Oke – Very sad to read of your health issues Ms. Oke, you are a marvelous writer and you share your faith with all who are lucky enough to read them. I pray for your health and a return to writing. I have also read some of your solo books Mr. Bunn and ditto for you – you make a great team.

    I am a guy, and I really like the first two books of this series which I recently discovered – sharing the info on them with my Bible Study and other friends “of the Way”. Bless you. Mike

  4. Loree Smith says:

    I was browsing through the library and saw your three books. I am able to read some throughout the day and once I started reading your books, I could barely put them down. Then when I got home, I was absorbed as well! I am having difficultly getting into another book because yours were soooo good!!! I sincerely hope that you will continue the series someday soon! They are a great blessing! God Bless you and your families! Loree

  5. Andrea Smith says:

    I have read many of Janette’s books, & many written with Davis Bunn. some I read more than once. This series has blessed me & l had a hard time laying them down . Thank you. In case there is a book #4 I would like to be notified.

  6. Andrea O'Brien says:

    I have immensely enjoyed this book series. I have never read spiritual novels before and happened across The Centurion’s Wife by accident (or by design?). I have just finished the third, and final, book in the series. How I wish there were more books in this series! They have touched my heart and strengthened my faith. Thank you so much for these great gifts.

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