Why You Should Attend a Writers’ Conference

Renée-Ann writes:

I’m writing this with great excitement. I attended my first Writers’ Conference this weekend. It wasn’t one of the big ones, that last 4-5 days, but I’m amazed at the ton of information I brought home. It was hosted by the WFNB, Writers’ Federation of New Brunswick.

I attended workshops with writers from different places in the Atlantic provinces. It feels like I took notes all day. This morning, they had an open mic session where many of us had a chance to read a portion of our story. It was the first time I read a portion of my book to anyone and was nervous but I loved it. I ended with a hook, line and sinker, and heard small gasps in the audience. I smiled and said they have to buy the book when it’s published if they want to know what happens next.

With this said, thank you for encouraging me to attend such events. It was very fulfilling and educational.

Dear Renee-Ann,

This is excellent news! I’m thrilled you attended the conference, and just delighted to hear that it had such a powerful and positive impact on your creative direction. I wish you every possible success in putting these new lessons to practice. May it truly lift the overall quality of your ‘game’, and bring you ever closer to your goal of seeing your work in print.

Warmest regards,


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