What Sets Marc Royce Apart from the Typical Action Hero? (Plus Book Giveaway)

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By Tim Busbey, Tim’s World

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In last year’s Lion of Babylon, Davis Bunn introduced readers to Marc Royce, a Jack Ryan-type hero for the Christian thriller genre.

What sets him apart from the typical thriller/action hero? He’s got a heart.

In Rare Earth, Royce is sent undercover to Kenya to investigate a refugee camp birthed by a volcano’s eruption. But that is not his real mission. In reality, Royce is there to discover why whole tribes have gone missing.

His investigation leads him to the trail of an international conspiracy involving rare earth minerals — once-obscure minerals which have now been found in abundance in Africa’s Rift Valley. High-tech industries have become reliant on these rare earth minerals, leading “claim jumpers” to forcibly remove whole tribes of people to secure access to these minerals. Once he realizes the true nature of  the tragedy, Royce sets out to restore the people to their land.

Before Bunn became an author, he spent years traveling the globe as a businessman, including time spent in Africa. Those experiences certainly bear fruit in Rare Earth as Bunn makes the reader really feel as if they are in Africa as he describes the breath-taking landscape and the proud Kenyan refuges.

I loved how Bunn took a real-world issue and incorporated it into his thriller, giving him the opportunity to educate the readers about this tragedy taking place right now.

Although Rare Earth is the second in a series, it truly is a standalone story that any reader can pick up and enjoy. The characters are realistic, full of depth and very well written. I loved the international intrigue and the twist and turns Bunn put Royce through.

Rare Earth is an intense, realistic novel that would make a great movie. Bunn’s fast-paced action and thought-provoking subject matter will pull you into the book and take your mind on a wild adventure.

On a scale of 1 to 5, I give Rare Earth a 4.


‘Every detail was meticulously researched’

By Katherine Wacker, Katherine’s Chronicle

In Davis Bunn’s Rare Earth, Marc Royce has been sent to a country and a people who desperately need help. The continent of Africa, which has already been ravaged by war, famine, political upheaval, and poverty, now experiences a volcanic eruption forcing many Kenyans from their homes into refugee camps.

It is to one such camp that Royce arrives under a cloud of ash and suspicion, and must bring order out of chaos and corruption. When he starts investigating a money trail, a missing aid worker, and the confiscation of land held for centuries by the African people, the answers lead him from the Kenyan wilderness to the Israeli desert and back again.

But will he stay alive long enough to find the answers and save the land from those who want to destroy it and, with it, the hopes of a people he has grown to love?

I have never been to Africa, but thanks to Davis Bunn’s vivid descriptions, I feel like I have seen the drought-stricken landscape and the ash-spitting volcano, smelled the fermented milk and tasted the coffee drawn right from the bean, and felt the sun’s heat as it beats down on everything below. Every detail was meticulously researched and every page suspenseful.

The story is well-written. I wasn’t ready for it to end, and I am looking forward to the next in the series. My rating for Rare Earth is an enthusiastic four stars. For those interested, Rare Earth is Book Two in the Marc Royce Series; Lion of Babylon is the first. Each is a stand-alone novel.

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