Unlimited Feedback

There have been some truly beautiful comments regarding the UNLIMITED film blog posts. Here are a couple that meant so very much to read: 

Nancy writes:

Fascinating reading on your UNLIMITED experiences and more. I just read a quote by C. S. Lewis that indicated he “never made a book; it was more like taking dictation.” They were given to him. That sounds like what happened in your eight days. Of course, creativity favors a prepared mind.

I also enjoyed your attitude and humility on the UNLIMITED set. Your questions were remarkably like characterization questions that actors use to study their roles. Right on target!

I share the dreams of seeing my Christian/family musicals produced in a larger venue and hope that I could relinquish creative attachment so as not to be an annoyance. You have been a great role-model and I’d better read what you said again! Hopefully, you are leading the way for investors to tap into the extremely large Christian audience that craves authenticity and a professional product. Did not The Passion of the Christ box office send a message?

My other comfort is your title changes…I know mine are not yet right…but the content seemed to flow right from above. Therefore, I have hope that in God’s timing, they will be used. Thanks for your insights and the fellowship of your experiences. 

Skyler writes:

I learn, too! Every time I read your work, your blog, your posts it is like completing a continuing ed course in this journey called life. I’m enriched and enabled to keep on seeking, growing, learning in my own life. All glory to God! 


Thank you so much for the beautiful words. In this time of being pulled in a number of directions, such warm and caring comments have helped so much to keep me clearly focused upon what is most important, what is vital, what is eternal. 

Warm personal regards,



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  1. Ruth McCommon says:

    I love knowing all that is going on in your lives. I love reading your books and blogs. I love praying for you and frankly feel a closeness when I am praying. You know my heart for you and when I am lifting you to the Father,I am able to plead His plan for you to be made known.
    Looking forward to seeing you in Sept-in fact I have already secured a ride.
    Love Ruth

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