The Story Crept Up on Me, Writes Laura Lee Groves

By Laura Lee Groves, Outnumbered Mom
Guest Reviewer

Author Davis Bunn did it again.

He drew me into a story I knew nothing of. The story crept up on me and, before I knew it, I was hooked.

It’s no secret I’m a big Davis Bunn fan. I think I’ve read all of his books. Some of my favorites were his historical fiction, so I’m not a hard reader to hook in that genre.

Rare Earth, however, is set in contemporary times. Although it is Book 2 in the Marc Royce series, it’s a stand-alone novel that can be read with no knowledge of Book 1.

Bunn’s main character, Marc Royce, seems to me a real man’s man. He’s the strong, silent type who always gets the job done. He’s introspective, though, and compassionate; he proves the adage that still waters run deep. He’s together in so many ways, but he’s running, too. All of this makes him a very complex, interesting character.

The settings of Rare Earth are not familiar to me, and I love it when I learn something from fiction. (A given with Davis Bunn’s books.) I was compelled to learn more about believers in Kenya and driven to understand the mystery that is Marc Royce. The stakes were high in this book in several ways; I cared about the characters and the situations. So I couldn’t stop reading.

And when it was over? I was sorry I’d reached the end…and am looking forward to Book 3.

(I also highly recommend Lion of Babylon, Book 1 of the Marc Royce series. I just downloaded it from iTunes for my husband to enjoy while driving. I’d give both books five stars!)

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