Suspense and Spiritual Nuggets in ‘Book of Dreams,’ Says Reviewer

By Mary A. Hake
Guest Reviewer

I have long been a fan of Davis Bunn’s books and enjoy the variety of subjects and the complexity they contain in story and plot. So I was willing to stick with Book of Dreams when it initially progressed slowly, gradually weaving its web like a spider poised to catch the reader.

Soon I was caught up in the drama of terrorizing nightmares, international finance intrigue, an ancient book with seemingly spiritual power, and the characters inhabiting this tale—with their fears and vulnerabilities, their losses and triumphs.

Psychologist Elena Burroughs, who practices at Oxford, has studied dreams and authored a bestseller on the subject. When a secretive client comes, accompanied by bodyguards, Elena embarks on a journey of exploration she’s not certain she wants to pursue.

Her faith is stretched as she surrenders her profession and her entire life to God’s work. He is calling her to something far beyond her “dreams,” yet intertwined with strange dreams and real danger. As a priest told her early on, “The Lord clarifies.” She and the rest of the international cast find this to be true.

This novel offers thrills of both suspense and spiritual nuggets of truth. I marked a number of pages containing treasures for future reference.

The possibility of the story’s potential financial disaster actually occurring in modern times is unsettling.

The probability of learning to trust God no matter what happens is reassuring.

Thanks, Davis, for another provocative read that gives me much to chew on mentally.

Mary A. Hake is a freelance writer and editor, with hundreds of published pieces in periodicals and books, including a Creation curriculum for children. She also frequently reviews new books. Mary serves as president of Oregon Christian Writers and has helped with OCW conferences for many years. In addition, she chairs her local Library Advisory Board. Her website is

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