Stretching the Bubble (Guest Column)

I invited readers to submit stories of experiences they have had which have stretched the bubble of their daily existence, and in so doing expanded their vision of God, and their connection to the divine. Cudos to Braxton Smith, who has offered one amazing view of just this sort of tremendous ride. Here’s his story:

I just wanted to say….I flew today. I jumped out of a perfectly good plane with my daughter, Cameron Grace, and flew 13,500 ft to God’s good earth. I cannot tell you how exciting it was for a 53-year-old man, a bit overweight, with thinning hair to partner (way too closely) with a man who guided me through the most exciting, heart grabbing moment of a life… but it was the most exciting thing this man has ever done.

Praise the good Lord for allowing Cameron Grace and I to land safely. It was a glorious look at this small Louisburg area of the world, from 13,500 ft.

My wife gave this to my daughter and me for a Christmas present because we had talked about doing “The Amazing Race” for years. So, we did it! We jumped, yes with someone in tow and control, BUT we jumped!

I am renewed. It was, in a matter of minutes, the one event that will allow me to go on. It bypassed religion, depression, complacency, the “I could haves,” and moved myself and my daughter into another realm of life. Not death–LIFE.

God blessed me with Karen, who saw we needed this. She knows our father-daughter bond and she said here you go… go jump. I was so scared for months. I was scared until the day we did it, then I was calm…until we left the back end of that plane…then God showed me a glimpse of all His glory.

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  1. Gwen says:

    Wow, that is something I have thought about for many years, but never followed through on it. I can only imagine the excitement, the thrill, the beauty of if. Proud of you for doing it.

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