Storm Syrrell Adventures Fascinating Stories for History Buffs, says Reader

Margie writes:

Gold of Kings was a fascinating story! And I loved the video clip you made with Bob Marx. I am a history buff so I really enjoyed seeing a glimpse of Harry Bennett’s treasures. Absolutely amazing!

Thanks so much for sharing this insight into the story development of Gold of Kings. I have been enjoying your writing for many years and have a pretty decent Davis Bunn collection in my home library.  You are an amazing writer…or is author the correct word here?

My Response:

Thanks so much, Margie. Bob Marx has been ailing for the past few months, heart problems. It really was great to be able to shoot this video clip with him while he was still full of spit and vinegar. So glad you enjoyed it.

There is an unspoken desire by most serious novelists to be considered artists whose pallet is made up of words, descriptions, dialogue, characters, and well crafted images. Both author and writer work, in my opinion.

When Will Storm Syrrell Return?

Nancy writes:

I have enjoyed your books for many years and look forward to your upcoming Lion of Babylon. My favorites are the international drama/intrigue books so I was wondering, hoping you were planning to write a book #3 for the Storm Syrrell series.

You really left me hanging in the last one. Thanks for providing such a wonderful escape from daily life – even if only occasionally. The books require total concentration allowing me to block out other worries for a while.

My Response

Thanks so much for your lovely note. I am in the process of completing the major edits on Lion of Babylon, and receiving this message of enthusiasm and praise has really given me a lift.

There is definitely going to be more tales in the Storm Syrrell series, but it will be a while. Because of a project that’s really gotten some buzz around Howard (my publishing company), and because of a film project I’m working on, Storm is going to be sitting on the sidelines for at least a year, possibly two.

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  1. Kathy says:

    It’s been a while since anyone asked. Do you have a more definitive time frame for your next installment in the Storm Syrrell series?

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