Still Waiting…

My posts on the discipline of waiting have really struck a chord with my readers. I continue to receive notes on this topic, and would like to share several of them with you:

Susanne writes:

Waiting is what my life is consumed with each moment of every day–waiting on God, learning to let go, and trust He will do what’s best. He is working even if it appears he is not. This is the writer’s hardest test of faith. Thanks for sharing. It helps me to recall all the doors God has already opened when I didn’t expect them.

Lal writes:

Waiting isn’t an easy thing… I have been wondering whether God has forgotten me at times. But when I remember the things He has done in my life the mood slowly passes and tiny drops of hope comes down in my heart and I wait for the showers to pour in.

Donna writes:

A post from Pastor Joel Osteen was about waiting…

“God has put dreams and desires in every person’s heart. But most times, there’s a season of waiting involved… Today, no matter what you are praying for, expect things to change in your favor. Today could be the day that God turns it all around. As you wait with patience and expectancy, you’ll open the door for God to move. He’ll fight your battles, and you’ll see that abundant harvest He’s promised in every area of your life.”

My response:

Thank you for your thoughts, friends. It has been easy to put the waiting issue aside recently, as I am deeply involved in forging a new story, the sequel to Lion of Babylon. But the waiting remains, and so does the prayer, and the hope. Your lovely words are such a gift.

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