Sensing God’s Presence

Gary writes:

I have read The Presence twice, and each time it stirs me deeply – maybe that is from being a pastor. But I think more so it comes from a great desire to follow God closely.

I have been in the pulpit when His presence was just over my right shoulder. I knew that if I turned and looked, I would see Him. But I didn’t, I just knew He was there. That experience has occurred so many, many times.

I have known Him to walk through the door of the auditorium while I was preaching, and have His presence fill the room. Others testified to it. Just sitting in a circle with others and talking about the Word of God, I have known Him to come in and take a place at the table.

Once in a flight from Tulsa to Dallas, as the plane lifted off, He sat down in my chair. And He stayed with me until I returned to Tulsa, His presence leaving just as the wheels touched the ground.

Reading about TJ Case just stirs me. I know what he is sensing, I know how the words can just come, the thoughts just be there. I know the feelings of inadequacy, humanness, unworthiness, etc. What a great book!

My number one lesson from the book: just obey God, no matter what. So often I tell the young men around me, “Listen to your spirit, and obey God.”

Susan writes:

The Presence was written from the spiritual heart, the author truly knows the Word and is able to share the loving message of our Lord through a well articulated story that inspires anyone to move beyond just reading about God’s everlasting love.

Bunn’s ability to share biblical principles either from the NT or the OT indicate his genuine love of God. The stories in any of his books shine because Bunn is able to speak God’s Word with love.

Dear Gary and Susan,

Thanks so much for the kind notes. The Presence was a tremendous event in our lives, a real declaration in many respects. It was also the first book of mine that was published. I feel I have grown artistically in many directions since then, and yet at a faith level the core truths expressed in this book resonate through my life. I think that really does describe the walk of faith, growing constantly, yet holding fast to the core elements of our life in Jesus.



*Note: The Presence is out of print, but you can still find copies at online booksellers and through your local library. You’ll find it listed under T. Davis Bunn.  I dropped the “T” from my name several years ago, so my newer books identify me as “Davis Bunn.” But they are one and the same person!

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