Ripped from the Headlines: ‘Hidden in Dreams’ (Reviews)

Characters You Can Care About

By Michelle Vasquez, Life in Review

Hidden in Dreams  is a fast-paced, action-packed suspense thriller that seems all too realistic in the times we live in.

Dr. Elena Burroughs is trying to make a fresh start with her life. She accepted a position as a professor at Atlantic Christian University and has settled into her new home in Florida. Then she is approached by Rachel Lamprey, who was her best friend’s sister, but is nothing at all like Miriam was. The woman is demanding and cold, and insists that Elena help her with a top secret issue that has come up with her company’s recent product testing.

In the past Elena has been known for her work with dream interpretation. One of Rachel’s test subjects is experiencing a recurring and realistic dream about economic disaster. When Elena gets involved they discover other people around the globe who are having the exact same dream, and Elena begins to have it too. As she searches for answers, things become more and more grave turning this into a fight for their lives.

I very highly recommend this book and give it 4/5 stars! The writing is outstanding as always from Davis Bunn who never fails to entertain and impress me with his writing talent. I love suspense but I’m also a very character-driven reader. I have to care about the characters in order to really enjoy a story, and this one definitely had characters that I liked, related to, and cared about. I liked Elena right from the beginning. I was drawn into the story emotionally because I felt so connected to her. I felt her emotions, turmoil, and fear.

The story hooked me right from the start, and I could hardly put it down because I had to know what was going to happen. The story line with potential world-wide economic disasters was very relevant considering the state of our world today. That made this book all the more compelling. I have been a long time fan of Davis Bunn’s books. He writes a wide range of Christian fiction from historical/Biblical fiction to suspense thrillers and I enjoy them all. I always look forward to reading anything he writes.

Ripped from the Headlines

By Lena Nelson Dooley, A Christian Writer’s World

When I started reading Hidden in Dreams, I felt it could have been ripped from the headlines. And I wondered where Davis Bunn was taking the story. Very soon, the book moved into the realm of suspense. I don’t want to ruin the suspense or the story by telling you too much. So I’ll just tell you how I feel about the story and the writing.

As usual, Davis Bunn’s writing is superb, with excellent pacing. My own writing limits my reading time, so I am only able to choose few of the books I really want to read. And I can’t waste my time on books without all the elements I like in a story. This book contained them all in a pleasing balance.

Besides a dynamite story, I want strong characters. Most of the main characters must know the Lord and live out their dilemmas with a Christian world view. They have faults and can question God’s presence in their lives. And in this story, they do. These characters grow through the story.

I like a plot line that keeps me turning pages. I loved this one so much, I finished reading it during the lulls of a baseball game, which I really love.

And the story has to have a romance. Mr. Bunn handled this romantic thread masterfully. The romance doesn’t have to overshadow the suspense, and it didn’t, but it was strong anyway.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story and look forward to reading more about these characters.

Lena Nelson Dooley is the award-winning author of Maggie’s Journey, Mary’s Blessing, and Love Finds You in Golden, New Mexico (

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