New Reader Reviews of ‘Rare Earth’ + Book Giveaway


I’d like to share with you excerpts from several reader reviews of Rare Earth that I’ve received recently. One of the reviewers is hosting a contest you can enter to win a copy of Rare Earth (scroll through the excerpts to find the contest link).

Several of these excerpts include links to blogs at which an extensive review has been published. I urge you to visit those blogs to read their complete reviews.



“Mr. Bunn does a great job in detailing the life of a refugee camp in the Kenyan bush. You can feel the poverty, the misery and the hopelessness reigning in these camps. The story develops slowly, and is mostly character-driven, unlike many thrillers who focus only on the plot. The language and the action flows well, and there are plenty of surprises for the reader.”

-Ethan Jones, Ethan Jones Books


“I felt like I was right there in Africa with Marc Royce as I read Davis Bunn’s intricate details, the rich sensory imagery. I give Davis Bunn five stars for a fast-paced story that keeps readers on the edge of their seats.”

-Julie L. Cannon


“…The believers in Rare Earth share the fundamental conviction that God is definitely in control of all things and people. To me, this was the strongest element of the story.”

-Beckie Burnham, By The Book


“…Full of mysterious adventure that throws the characters into dangerous situations, and with a little romance added to boot, the author keeps your interest in his usual unique way.”

-Joy Hannabass, Splashes of Joy (click “Splashes of Joy” to enter Joy’s contest by September 15, 2012).


“…A novel rich in the sights, sounds and smells of Africa. The reader feels as if he is fighting alongside the characters experiencing all that they are experiencing.  You feel and see the poverty, the hunger, the hopelessness of the people and the strength and the faith of the believers who work together to overcome the strife and corruption…”

-Cindy Suite, Cyndecat’s Reading


“The novel contains a hint of romance with a surprise ending. Throughout the book there is a strong contrast between those who honor God and those who seek their own ends… If you like mysteries, you’ll like Rare Earth.

-Gene Mamau


“I enjoy a good “adventure” novel featuring a main character who seems to love taking on the world. Usually those characters have a well-defined sense of their own prowess. But Marc Royce, the main character in Rare Earth by Davis Bunn, does not fit that picture. He’s a man looking for purpose after the death of his wife. He started to see some of what God had planned for him in Lion of Babylon. But in Rare Earth, he is face-to-face with much more than he expected. And he learns that with God he is able to face impossible odds . . . and come out on top.”

-Marjorie Vawter, The Writer’s Tool

3 Responses to “New Reader Reviews of ‘Rare Earth’ + Book Giveaway”

  1. bobbi says:

    Rare Earth is a GREAT!!! read! I could hardly put in down!

  2. Darlene Keith says:

    I really would like to win a copy of Rare Earth for my own library. I borrowed it from the library and read it some time ago and as usual with Murray’s writing it is outstanding. Please enter my name for a chance to win. Blessings!

  3. Davis Bunn says:

    Darlene – To enter the contest, be sure to follow the instructions in the blog post and enter at the blog that is hosting the contest. Thanks! Davis

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