Reviewer Says, “I Would Hand You ‘Rare Earth'”

By Anitra Parmele
Guest Reviewer

If I worked with you, had a class with you or even if I sat next to you on a train and we got talking about books, Davis Bunn’s Rare Earth is a book I would hand you with every certainty that you would enjoy it.

One of the strongest elements is probably something I need to remember even as I post this review.

For Davis, words are not the message, they convey the message. He has the extraordinary ability to construct sentences that don’t leave you thinking, “Wow, that was a really well-crafted sentence” but his words serve to drive you deep into the heart of the story and of the characters.

Royce, Charles, Kitra don’t “come alive” through the pages, you’re convinced they are alive. Some books keep you conscious of the fact that someone has worked very hard on the plot, characterization, point of view. For Rare Earth, all of that is true but Davis takes it one step further so you are unaware you have not slapped at a mosquito while awaiting the decision of the Kenyan tribal elders or watched for yourself as Royce delivers a blow to the throat of his attacker. Davis doesn’t impress you with the detailed description of the airport in Tel Aviv or a Kenyan refugee camp, you’re too busy smelling, hearing, and seeing it for yourself.

As I closed Rare Earth, I was grateful that everything wasn’t tied up in a neat little package. There is a lot I still didn’t know about Royce and Kitra, Kenya’s future, and even how God uses dreams in the lives of His followers. I do know more about African refugee camps, recovery from devastating loss, strategic elements, the necessity of seeking God’s face, the true definition of hero, Messianic Jews and the bonds forged in combat than I ever thought possible. But when stuff happens to your friends, you just naturally want to pay attention.

On average, I read a dozen books a week. Some I borrow, some I buy, some are provided to me by publishers to review on air or in print just as Bethany House sent me an advance copy of Rare Earth. This is one of the books I would hand you.


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