Reviews and Research on Rare Earth Metals, Plus a Book Giveaway

I know you love winning books. And quite a few bloggers are going to be giving away copies of my new novel, Rare Earth, during the next couple of weeks, so stop by my blog often and enter all their contests! 

Our first contest this week is hosted by Michelle Rayburn, who writes the blog, “Faith, Creativity, Life.”

Michelle Rayburn, Faith Creativity, Life

Click this link to enter Michelle’s contest by August 1, 2012.

Here’s an excerpt from Michelle’s review:

I like Davis Bunn’s suspense novels because they include tension and action without unnecessary violence. He also proves that a book can be awesome without main characters who kill without good reason, swear for the sake of it, and justify crime. Yet, he doesn’t sacrifice the excitement of a well developed suspenseful plot. I give him an A+ for this.

…I like how Bunn takes his time in revealing to the reader what the story is really about. I like how he sets up tension, keeps the reader guessing who can be trusted, and keeps the suspense going right up to the end. The book wraps up in a way that leaves room for more in the series…

Here are excerpts from some new reader reviews of Rare Earth. I hope you’ll click the title of each blog to read their full reviews.

Debbie Phillips, Debbie’s Digest

Wow! What a book. This book was excellent. I wish I had the money to get all my friends a copy. I just loved it.

It has: Characters that I can relate to. Suspense. Building tension. Interesting subject matter…rare earth metals. Relevance to real problems in today’s world. The U.N. and international trouble. Action. A definite Christian emphasis. Hand to hand combat. Spies. Good guys. Bad guys. Intrigue in finding out who the good guys are and who the real bad guys are.

I love the Christian/spiritual nature of this book. It is expertly weaved throughout the story. Pastors, Christians, prayer, God, Jesus, worship in many places and many languages, it is wonderful. Here is one small sample.

Kitra’s mother said, “All over Israel there is a secret phenomenon. People are discovering the love of Jesus.”

Marc felt a shiver course through his frame. The softly spoken name became the cohesive force. The means through which all these broken shards began pulling together into a mosaic. (pg. 229)

“For the Messiah. The risen Lord. They name him, and they pay the price. They become outcast within their own clans. They are the banished ones, even here in their homeland. They are persecuted for accepting the power of eternal love.” (pg. 230)

Boy does this book draw you in. A number of times Bunn has given me just a piece of the puzzle, but not the whole thing. Drawing me to want to know more. Excellent, excellent writing. The main character, Royce, tells his plan to his superiors and to others, but Bunn does not tell us yet. It is maddening… making me read, and read, and read, because I. Must. Know!

But, now that I know will I tell you? Of course not! I could not do it justice and would ruin the story. Get the book. Read it. You will love it.

Reading this book has also caused me to do some research on rare earth metals. The following may, or may not, be as interesting to you as they were to me. As a rock hound and geology enthusiast, I took geology classes in High School and Geology was my minor in college, . Wow! The research that went into this book and the knowledge of important international affairs astounds me. I had no idea. The pdf, with it information about China, was especially interesting.

Pamela Morrisson, Daysong Reflections

Reading Rare Earth made me feel as though I was right there with Marc Royce and his associates. I could almost see the Kenyan sky, feel the heat and volcano ash, and breathe in the fragrance or stench in the air around them. When an author has the ability to totally immerse me in his story, such things as grammar, typos, etc. become irrelevant. The experience is all that matters.

Davis Bunn has a talent for taking his readers right into the heart of an adventure. In Rare Earth I experienced a great story with a fast moving plot that had plenty of action, drama and suspense and I actually learned about the lives of people involved.

I have known on some level that things are not good in Africa but from my privileged position of comfort and plenty, it seemed to be remote and didn’t enter my thoughts very often. “Rare Earth” exposed me to the realities suffered by so many of the people of Kenya and the ways they have been exploited. Although it is fiction, “Rare Earth” could easily have been taken from current news.

Rare Earth is a powerful book in so many respects. The story alone is worthwhile reading but it goes beyond that.

Marc Royce is the kind of hero we need so desperately today. Hopefully there are real men with his dedication and values who are working under the radar to help make the world a better place.

After reading this book I am left with the question of, “What can I do to help?”

I wish I knew the answer.

Here is the video trailer for Rare Earth:

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  1. Darlene Keith says:

    I will read anything that Davis Bunn writes. He is top in “my book.” I have read this book and Lion of Bablyon but they were checked out from the library. I would dearly love to own my own copy.
    Please enter my name for the drawing and thank you for the opportunity to enter this giveaway.

  2. tracey says:

    Michelle Rayburn summed up for me perfectly the reasons why I’m hooked on Davis Bunns’ books!!

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