Readers Share How ‘Book of Dreams’ Brings Healing to Their Lives


Denise writes: 

I loved Book of Dreams! It’s so cool how you showed what happens when we “fully” put our trust in God and humble ourselves…

Elizabeth writes:

My book club read Book of Dreams. Each time I read about the doctor meditating on the first page where it says, “Abba,” I would cry. I had no idea why.

About a week ago, I was hurt and angry but knowing I needed to forgive. I called out to God using that name, Abba. I prayed for Him to take away my hurt and anger and help me to forgive from my heart.

Then I would pick up Book of Dreams and read a little bit. I went back and forth in this way for 20-30 minutes. And then He came. Like an invisible cloud. His presence was sweet and my heart was filled with peace and joy. Like a muscle that releases during a stretch, my pain and anger dissipated. Glory!

This is not the norm of my Christian experience, by the way. (Last October I went to a workshop called HeartChange and believe that God removed a wall between my head and heart and have been able to experience His presence to a much greater extent than I have for most of my 30+ years as a believer. This has included visions.)

I cannot wait to hear what others will have to report from having read this book.

Dear Readers,

I am touched that Book of Dreams is making such a huge impact on your lives. I hope the same will happen when you read book two in the series, Hidden in Dreams, which releases today from Howard Books.

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