Readers Comment About ‘Lion of Babylon’

Eva writes: 

Lion of Babylon was very insightful; enjoyed this novel more than any I’ve read in years. A breath of fresh air, filled with hope. Loved it!

Sarah writes: 

I really enjoyed Lion of Babylon. What an adventure. What a wealth of information.

They just have to be true about what’s happening in these countries like how people are treated and what goes on in daily life. Very interesting. Kept me up late reading but I love it. Now I’ll wait until a sequel comes along! (smile!)

One thing in your book that spoke to me was: Am I speaking to God in prayer when I have a need? Am I in the Word of God?

Sometimes it’s easy to get so busy we leave it out of our lives then something reminds us again and we’re back on the right track again. Know what I mean?

The character, Sameh, asked similar questions like the part where he said something about forgetting to lift up his needs in prayer. Yep. Just like me.

Valerie writes: 

I found Lion of Babylon on the New Book rack at my library. Made me a fan immediately. I’ve now read The Black Madonna and The Damascus Way. Can’t wait to find the rest of your books!

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for these very kind notes. It was indeed a delight to learn that the story has resonated, as the spiritual theme centers upon the missionary church in today’s world. I wish you every blessing in your own search for His wisdom in your life, and send you my hopes that God remains close as breath.

You’ll find a list of my books in print here (and for books in a series, it tells you which order they go in). And here is a downloadable PDF of the list of all my books, both in and out of print.

By the way, The Black Madonna is Book 2 in the Storm Syrrell Adventure series, and The Damascus Way is Book 3 in the Acts of Faith series.

2 Responses to “Readers Comment About ‘Lion of Babylon’”

  1. Cathy Abernathy says:

    Lion of Babylon is well-written – the characters are real and the plot is riveting. I enjoyed some phrases so much that I read them out loud to my husband! And three-fourths of the way through the book, I paged back through the novel, hunting for clues and writing them down, determined to figure out the plot. (I didn’t, by the way) But the picture of the church was perhaps the image that has stayed with me the longest and has meant the most to me.

  2. Don Courliss says:

    My wife and I are figuring out the real meaning of the term “agony and ecstasy”! We have pre-ordered your two new books coming out in July. The agony is waiting for them to come, but we know how good they will be and so we await that ecstasy we will enjoy while reading. July is coming very slowly. Thanks for the promise of more great Davis Bunn reads.

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