Readers Comment About First-Century Power Players Blog Series

Sandra writes:

I’ve been reading with interest your series on first-century power players referred to in the Acts of Faith series. I’m writing a paper on the same period and would appreciate knowing some of the reference works you used.

Dear Sandra,

Thanks so much for your note. As a novel does not require a bibliography, I rarely keep track of my book sources – perhaps in the future I should change this. A couple of special sources do come to mind, however.

Bethany House Publishers has recently put out two books on the world and culture that Jesus knew, as well as a massive Bible history reference book. All of these were most helpful, as was a book entitled 1AD, available in the UK in paperback, written by an Oxford trained historian.

Also ‘Pilate’, from Doubleday, a great source book for studying the political structure of the time, as was ‘The Trial’, a look at the legal process that Jesus went through prior to The Passion.

Vicki writes:

I just finished reading part 10 of your blog series, “First-Century Power Players,” and they have all been so helpful in explaining the power structure of ruling Jewish body. But it is the 10th blog that brings us into the picture and is so very powerful. Thank you for the blogs and your books.

Dear Vicki,

Thank you so much. These blog posts were the result of my studies with an Orthodox rabbi in Israel, who has come to know the Lord with all his family. A remarkable man, and a wonderful teacher. It is so good to know that his teachings have resonated with so many readers, and come alive in this trilogy.

Jane writes:

I wanted to let you know my husband and I were discussing your 10-part overview, particularly your last one, #10. I get so tired of hearing people wanting to get out of here and always saying the rapture is right around the corner.

Our Lord said to “occupy until He comes.”  Sure I would like to get out of here but I don’t live to do that!  He’s give us all a mission to fulfill.

We loved particularly The Damascus Way because of what you did with the caravans and Paul’s conversion. You do such a good job explaining that era. We both love the history and the “what could have happened” in all 3 books. It makes it much more of a reality. Thanks again for all your research!

Dear Jane,

Thank you so much for the lovely comments. I am indeed glad to know our stories have brought a new light to this vital segment of the Holy Book. Again, thank you for writing, and my best to you both.

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