Reader Questions About Acts of Faith Series

golfmom writes:

I was happy to learn about the fate of the characters of Alban and Jacob and was curious to how you were going to “change” Jacob’s mind about being a Centurion and a member of the faith at the same time. It truly was interesting reading.

(SPOILER ALERT) How did you figure out the plot for The Hidden Flame – I did not see it coming that Abigail would lose Stephen (let’s just say my husband was glad I was reading this book Friday night into Saturday morning instead of before a workday)?


Sarah K writes:
Thank you for your works and Ms. Oke too!  I am greatly enjoying the Acts of Faith series.  I know series come to an end but I’m hoping that isn’t the case for Acts of Faith.  Thank you again and God’s blessings to all of you!

My response:

Thank you both so much for these recent emails.  Sarah, I have some good news and some bad news.  There will indeed be a third book in the series, but it now looks as though it will be our last.  The Damascus Way is due out in January.  After that, Janette feels that she is going to need to return to retirement.  Right now, I just don’t see myself continuing on the series without her.

Golfmom, while I sympathize with your husband’s desire not to lose his wife too often to stories, I was honored to hear that our book kept you so engrossed.  As for Stephen’s fate, we started from the passage in Acts where the first martyr was named Stephen and worked back.  There are very few such names given to those who sacrifice everything.  We felt it happened here both because he was the first, and because he played such a vital role in this transforming moment in our church’s history.  Stephen served as mediator between the congregation and the most vulnerable – outsiders who were also either widowed or orphaned.  He was entrusted with their care and their provisions.  And he sought to share his newfound faith with a group of outcasts – those who worshipped at the Freedman’s Synagogue.

Our biggest concern here was to have Stephen become married.  First Corinthians names several of the apostles and church leaders who are wed.  So we figured it would be okay, even if Stephen wasn’t – the Scriptures do not say.  Thankfully, up to now we have not received any negative reaction to this.

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  1. Christine says:

    I have read all three books, and absolutely LOVE them. I sincerely hope that you will continue the series!

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