Reader Question: What Was Davis Bunn’s First Published Novel?

Mary asks:

Can you tell me the title of your first book to be published, if it was rejected at all beforehand, and if you had a literary agent?

Dear Mary,

My first published book was The Presence, released by Bethany House in 1991. Before then, I had written for nine years and completed seven books before this one was accepted.

As for an agent, this is becoming an increasingly important component of the writing life, even here in the inspirational field. Yes, I did have one, and she is my wife. Isabella was a corporate attorney at the time, and when my initial agent retired she offered to take his place. She sold my first book, and has represented me ever since.

*Note: The Presence is out of print, but you can still find copies at online booksellers and through your local library. You’ll find it listed under T. Davis Bunn.  I dropped the “T” from my name several years ago, so my newer books identify me as “Davis Bunn.” But they are one and the same person!

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