‘Rare Earth’ Reviews & Giveaways from Sidney Frost, Laura Hilton

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Sidney W. Frost – Click here to enter at Christian Bookmobile by August 14, 2012

Marc Royce, a former CIA agent who is unofficially reactivated, takes a job with Lodestone, a civilian government contractor, and is stationed in Kenya. Something suspicious is happening there and the U.S. government is not sure what or who is responsible. Royce is sent to find out.

After training in Nairobi where the Kenyan Lodestone headquarters is located, Royce is sent to a French aid station which is being overrun with displaced people due to the eruption of a volcano on Mount Elgon between Kenya and Uganda.

When Royce arrives with food and medical supplies he learns the camp leaders were hoping for soldiers to help keep order. However, as soon as Royce learns more about the situation he is able to restore peace by working through the displaced tribe elders.

He meets Kitra at the medical station in the camp. She lets him know right away that she doesn’t like him because he works for Lodestone and she suspects the company was involved in the kidnapping of her brother.

Serge, a medical technician at the camp, had been missing for eight days. What Kitra doesn’t know and Royce can’t tell her, is that her missing brother is part of the reason he was sent to Kenya. Royce, a widower, is instantly attracted to Kitra and is thankful to have such feelings again.

Royce is so effective in managing the camp that the UN district administrator, Frederick Uhura, takes an interest in him and provides more contracts for Lodestone. This makes Royce look better to his bosses. However, Royce was also there to investigate Lodestone personnel and he doesn’t know who he can trust.

This is one of those stories where the reviewer needs to be careful not to say too much. However, I will tell you the suspense is powerful and the momentum of the story grows from start to finish.

The characters are vivid as well as the descriptions, especially the African locations. The volcano adds a since of urgency and is used to help Royce at one point in the story. There is a trip to Israel where Royce meets Kitra’s parents. Then there is the love story between Royce and Kitra and the hope of how it might end.

I first met Marc Royce in Davis Bunn’s Lion of Babylon. Rare Earth stands alone, however, and you can read the two books in any order. I loved them both.

Laura Hilton, Click here to enter at Lighthouse-Academy by August 31, 2012

Set on the rich canvas of an incredibly complex African continent, this latest novel by Davis Bunn reveals the incredible tension that exists between the past and the future of this third-world country, between the old legacies and the new desires for more . . . more power, more wealth, more influence. And RARE EARTH highlights the extents to which some will go in order to obtain these new currencies, at the expense of everything – and everyone – else.

High-tech industries have become dependent upon “rare-earths,” once-obscure minerals which have been found in abundance over the region in Africa known as the Rift Valley. In order to obtain these precious commodities, modern day “claim-jumpers” have forcibly removed entire populations of the indigenous African tribes and re-located them to squalid tenement settlements. In the process, old rivalries between the native tribes of Africa have been inflamed and new rivalries, between the patriarchs and the younger generations, have been created.

Marc Royce, sent ostensibly to audit a relief organization, has his orders: discover the truth behind the smoke-screen, and relay that information to his superiors. Following his heart, Marc sets himself a much larger mission; restore unity to the tribes, restore the tribes to their land, and bring justice to those who have masterminded the plot behind the forced relocations. In the process, Marc’s faith – and his heart – will be tested to the breaking point.

Written in Davis Bunn’s masterful story-telling, RARE EARTH will grab you from the beginning and hold you until the very last page. On the journey, you will find your own misconceptions concerning The Dark Continent, its history, culture, and people, constantly challenged and corrected. 5 Stars.

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