Radio Interview on Gelati’s Scoop


I recently had the honor of being a guest on Gelati’s Scoop, a BlogTalk radio show hosted by Giovanni Gelati. We discussed my new novel, Hidden in Dreams.

The interview begins about 2:45 minutes in and ends at 32:30 minutes.

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Our conversation started with me explaining how I came to live in what Giovanni refers to “that big castle place” pictured on my Facebook page — Charlton Park started out as a hospital for airmen during World War 1.

We discussed the “mistake” of two novels (with two publishers) — Hidden in Dreams and Rare Earth — being released simultaneously.

Next, we talked about the connection between the eternal and the dream state — a prominent theme in Book of Dreams (Book 1 in the series). With Hidden in Dreams  I wanted to separate dreams from spirituality. The key question I built the story around was, where does the independent individual free will act of connection to some higher calling and purpose and manipulation begin? That is one of the crucial elements that is going to need to be decided over the next generation.

We wrapped up with a conversation about how things are progressing with the upcoming motion picture, Unlimited, for which I wrote the screenplay.

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