Part Mystery, Part Mystical, Says Reviewer of ‘Book of Dreams’

By Kathryn Eriksen
Guest Reviewer

Have you ever read a book of fiction and felt like the author was deciphering current events in a clear and concise manner that made you sit up and say, “Of course – that’s why that happened!”

When the story is told by a master wordsmith, the book becomes more than thought provoking… it almost becomes an explanation of why events occurred and the motivation of the individuals and institutions involved.

Book of Dreams by Davis Bunn is such a work of fiction.

Part mystery, part mystical, the characters come alive at the deft touch of Bunn’s hand. The heroine,  Dr. Elena Burroughs, faces a troubling choice in her life that is only resolved when she relies on her faith and intuition to guide her. Because she is a psychologist with an international reputation of being an expert on dream interpretation, Elena is drawn into a troubling crisis that tests her fortitude, resolve and morals.

The underlying theme is one of good v. evil. Or more accurately, greed v. God.

Elena must choose which voice to listen to, and it is her guidance and insight that resolves the conflict. By sharing her faith in an open and direct manner, Elena inspires the other characters (and the reader) to “look within” for direction. Knowing that she is loved by God, Elena stares down her adversaries and remains undaunted in the face of even the most dramatic of challenges.

Christians will cheer as they read this book, for it reinforces our belief that God always prevails. Non-Christians will still be intrigued by the plot and factual details concerning the greed that created the current financial downturn. And perhaps, if enough readers caught the message of Book of Dreams, the economic climate that the world faces would shift away from greed and limitation to abundance and joy.

One can only hope for such a result from Book of Dreams.

Kathryn Eriksen is an attorney who discovered a passion for writing later in life.  The author of two books, “Walk With the Master,” a Christian children’s book about Jesus’ life, told from a unique perspective, and “Images in America – Waxahachie.” Eriksen is a teacher, speaker and writer about developing and growing in your personal relationship with Jesus and God.

This review was originally published at Kathryn’s blog, Reprinted with permission from the author.

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