Nona King Reviews ‘Book of Dreams’ and ‘Hidden in Dreams’

By Nona King, author of the Word Obsession blog

These reviews were originally published on Nona’s blog. Reprinted with permission from the author.

Book of Dreams

It isn’t often I read a book that balances thrills, faith, and romance in an entirely believable package. But that is what Davis Bunn does in Book of Dreams. The main character, Elena, does not come across as pious or unsympathetic. She is real, she has doubts, and she suffers fears and conflicts of faith just as any of us.

Davis Bunn has a compelling voice and style of writing. It draws the reader into the lives of the characters in such a way that you cannot help but continue to turn the pages. You root and rave for the end game, heart palpitating and mouth dry as the thrills and suspense hammer at your imagination.

In addition to his compelling style is the true-to-life conflict his characters are facing. It is a gentle shake to the shoulders and – almost – a call to arms for our own economical plight for this country.

Overall rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Would I read it again: Definitely

Would I recommend it to others: A resounding ‘yes’!

Hidden in Dreams

While this installment was not as captivating from the first page as the first book, Book of Dreams, I continued reading due to my connection with the main character, Dr. Elena Burroughs. I wanted to see how the possibilities had come to fruition from the first book. To see her happy and healing.

Unfortunately, or fortunately for this book, those happy possibles had not come to pass, throwing me into the immediate area of sympathy and compassion. Then, as the conflicts began to arise, and other possibilities, my interest grew.

I am uncertain what could have been done differently to inspire a stronger interest in the main plot, but I must say that the suspense in the final chapter was much more engaging than that of book 1. Sequels have such a hard act to follow, and while I don’t believe this sequel fully attained its potential, I enjoyed the romantic twist – it certainly felt more fulfilling! – and the curve ball in the latter chapters.

Davis Bunn has an engaging way with characters and descriptions, presenting both in a way that is personal without bogging down the story. As in the first book, Hidden in Dreams is another story that brings the current economic crisis to a different view, stressing the importance of prayer and faith in these trying times.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars. If I hadn’t needed to fight with my interest, this easily could have received 5 stars. But because of the mentioned “curve ball,” the extreme conflict in the final chapter, and satisfying resolve to the romance, I think it deserves the 4.5 rating.

Would I read it again? Definitely

Would I recommend it to others? Yes!

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