Needed Immediately: Influencers for My Two Upcoming Novels

Dear friends,

I would like to invite you to become an influencer for my upcoming novels, Rare Earth and Hidden in Dreams.

What’s an influencer?

In a word: You.

Influencers are people from all walks of life who are willing to get the word out about my books.

What’s in it for you?

In exchange for being an influencer, you get a free copy of my book BEFORE it gets shipped to bookstores. You can either keep the book or give it away.

How to become an influencer

My publishers have generously made available a total of 100 copies of Rare Earth and Hidden in Dreams. The first 100 people to contact my assistant, Laura Christianson ( will receive a free copy of either book (or perhaps both of them!).

If you are part of a group and everyone in your group would like a copy, please send Laura the mailing addresses of EACH individual in your group.

If Laura has already contacted you about participating in my upcoming blog tour, you’re already on the list. However, if you’d like to request an additional influencer copy on behalf of a friend, just send her that person’s mailing address.

What I need from you

Please email Laura the following three items by Friday, May 4, 2012, if possible:

  1. Your postal mailing address (U.S. preferred)
  2. Which book you would like to receive, if you have a preference.

Rare Earth (Book 2 in the Marc Royce series… Book 1 is Lion of Babylon). Rare Earth can be read as a stand-alone story, so if you haven’t yet read Lion of Babylon, you won’t miss anything critical. Shipping to stores June 11, 2012, from Bethany House Publishers.

Hidden in Dreams (Book 2 in the Dreams series… Book 1 is Book of Dreams). Hidden in Dreams can also be read as a stand-alone story). Shipping to stores mid-June 2012, from Howard Books, a division of Simon & Schuster.

  1. One-to-two sentences about how you plan to share the book(s). See the list below for 15 fun, easy ways you can spread the word among your circles of influence.

15 fun, easy influencer activities

  1. Put the book on your desk at work and give it to the first person who asks about it.
  2. Give a copy to the father figure in your life for Father’s Day.
  3. Read and discuss the book with your book club, small group, or neighbors.
  4. Host your own version of Oprah’s Book Club. Have an in-person or online book discussion.
  5. Donate a copy to your church library, public library, or bookstore and ask the librarian to display it in their “new books” section.
  6. Leave a copy in the waiting room of your doctor’s or dentist’s office. Put a sticky note inside the front cover, inviting the recipient to read it and pass it along to a friend.
  7. Review it for the newsletter of your association, company, or church.
  8. Give a copy to your clergyperson or a church leader.
  9. Write up your thoughts about the book and email it to your own ‘influencer’ list.
  10. Post a mini review to,,,,… you get the idea.
  11. Mail a copy to an overseas missionary or send it with someone who is going on a short-term mission trip.
  12. Tweet or post a Facebook update about the book. Be sure to include a link to so people can learn how to order.
  13. Invite me to make a “virtual book tour” visit to your blog, online discussion group, or podcast.
  14. Send a copy to your local government representative.
  15. Give a copy to a pre-Christian friend.

I recently received a note from a man who wrote:

 “I am not yet a Christian, but am trying to get to know God better. Someone sent me a copy of Book of Dreams and I found so much that resonated with me as truth… and something I needed to know more about.”

While both Rare Earth and Hidden in Dreams have a Christian message, my foremost aim in writing them was to build a powerful link between strong entertainment and a message that lingers long after the book is set aside. Whether that message is one of healing or inspiration or challenge, my hope is to bind each reader more closely to his or her walk in faith.

 Ready to become an influencer?

  • Email Laura Christianson right now:, or call her at 425.244.4242 (after 10 a.m. Pacific time).
  • Be sure to include your mailing address, the title of the book(s) you’d like to receive, and a sentence or two about what you plan to do.

Thank you so much for helping me grow my network of readers. Your assistance and enthusiasm means the world to me!

P.S. Feel free to share the link to this post on your own blog, or to reprint the entire article on your blog. The link to this post is

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8 Responses to “Needed Immediately: Influencers for My Two Upcoming Novels”

  1. Mary Taylor says:

    I would like to receive “Hidden in Dreams” and I will send reviews to my “Influencer” list and Amazon.

    Thanks for considering & good idea!

  2. Davis Bunn says:


    I’ve edited your address out of your comment, but I have it on file now. Thanks for your interest in being an influencer. -db

  3. Pat Walker Barta says:

    I would love to receive either or both of these books. Loved both Book 1’s of these two series. They are excellent! Love all your books, really. I think I’ve read them all and own quite a few of them.

  4. Davis Bunn says:

    Thanks, Pat. Make sure you email Laura to express your interest, as she’s handling “the list.”

  5. Don Courliss says:

    Would love to receive either or both. Have sent Laura our information.

    By the way, thank you again for suggesting Bob Holtstetler’s book “Quit Going to Church” We have received good reports from church staff after we suggested this book and it is certainly a win win for getting Christians on the right track.

  6. Diana Espinoza says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to read your books, have never been disappointed..keep writing

  7. Betti Mace says:

    Would love to have a copy of either or both books. I realize this is rather late, but I just read the posting on FB this morning. Will send Laura my address immediately. I am moving into a brand new area in about 2 weeks. I will need to make new friends and find a new church. Hopefully these books will help me become an influencer in new lives!

  8. Sandy says:

    I love being an influencer. In the very small town library,where I work, this week, in one afternoon, I was able to introduce your books to three individuals, who had never read anything by you.

    I sent “Lion of Babylon” with a 35 yo mom/real estate agent, and “Imposter” with a 40yo wife, who was looking for her husband. “Gold of Kings”, found its way out the door with a 21 year-old history buff!

    Looking forward to “Rare Earth” and “Hidden in Dreams”. Most readers love a series!

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