Much Ado about Marc Royce

Rare Earth by Davis BunnLion of Babylon by Davis BunnDianne writes:

I have read all your books except two older ones. After reading Lion of Babylon, I was wanting another “Marc Royce;” is Rare Earth a Marc Royce novel?

I had shelved Gold of Kings for over a year, then I read it and went through the following four in a month! Loved the Storm Syrell series also! When can we expect No 3.?

Enjoy all your books and feel so blessed to have a hobby that allows great authors like yourself and others, to uplift, encourage, thrill and stimulate our imaginations.

Dear Dianne,

Thank you so much for your lovely note. Yes, Rare Earth is the next in the Marc Royce series.  It’s due for release July 1 but will be available in stores by mid-June. 

As for the next Storm Syrrell book, I had hoped to get to that by year’s end, but some new events have overtaken me, beautiful things, I’ll be writing about them soon in a blog post.  Storm will now have to wait until 2013. 


Cheryl writes:

Lion of Babylon is amazing! Absolutely riveting and exciting. Enjoyed every word. I have read more than ten of your books; they only get better. Can’t wait for the next book.

Dear Cheryl,

Thanks so much for the brilliant note and the enthusiasm and the encouragement!  I’m hard at work on the final edits to the sequel, Rare Earth, due out in June.  I do so hope you enjoy this one as well! 


Gary writes:

I have finished my fifth reading of Lion of Babylon. And I am already anticipating my next read. This book, above all others, is layered and entwined to the max. I love the characters: Marc, Sameh, Hamid, Josh, Leyla, Bisan, etc. Each read I am more involved with one character than another, till I feel like I know them personally. Marc [Royce], however to me, is such a picture of Jesus: gentle, strong, decisive, caring, hurting, searching out the best for others. Wow!

My 5 all-time favorite Bunn books, in order:

  1. Lion of Babylon – because of the depth of knowledge received, the intricacies of the plot, the many-faceted messages to be received. This is not a book of one reading. Be good to yourself and re-read and re-read.
  2. The Presence – it hits me in the deepest spiritual place of my life, and draws me deeper still.
  3. All Through the Night – I love watching Wayne Grusza come to Christ. It thrills me to no end. God has given me a passion to disciple young men in Christ, to see them deepen their faith, and live out Christ’s life in them. This young man is such a picture of all of that.
  4. The Priceless Collection series – I love the development of Jeremy throughout these books, another young man like Wayne Grusza. And I just feel like I am watching Davis Bunn come to Christ and develop in Him. These are the books to read, if you really want to “get to know” the author behind them.
  5. Last, but not least, every book and word that Davis Bunn has ever written – the journeys he has taken me on are  countless, unforgettable, and life-changing. Davis’ writing reveals his passion for Christ, for life, for love and for adventure.

I am ready for the next book, and will wait with great impatience.

Dear Gary,

Your summary of favorite stories was a walk down the creative memory lane, and really was a delight.  Your overviews of the books are so on target, it’s amazing how well you have encapsulated my aspirations for these books. 

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  1. Don Courliss says:

    Just reread ELIXER. So many great helps for struggling Christians. Like God teaches us as we go along and we grow where He plants us. It is good to read books that show the Christian life is a struggle every hour not just a fun, easy way if you really want to grow closer to the Lord.

  2. Sandy says:

    Thanks for the challenge, Gary-I will reread Lion of Babylon now. I have reread several older novels, but hadnt thought of doing Lion again.
    (I would add an “Amen” to point #5 on Gary’s list)

  3. Betsy Cooper says:

    I went to my library today and checked out Lion of Babylon for a re-read before Rare Earth comes out of hiding. =) I also made sure that my name is first in line to get Rare Earth as soon as it arrives at the library. Can’t wait!!! Thanks, Davis! BTW, I also agree wholeheartedly with Gary’s point #5. Davis, you are definitely the Gentleman Adventurer. Just keep ’em comin’!

  4. Amy DeKok says:

    I am sooooo excited to read Rare Earth….ya hoooooo!!!

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