Marc Royce: A Troubleshooter Who’s In Trouble


I’d like to share with you some reviews of Rare Earth I’ve received recently.



Marc Royce is a troubleshooter, and from the time he lands in the Rift Valley in Kenya, he is in trouble. He was expecting the poverty and wretchedness of the refugee camp he was sent to, purportedly to audit a relief organization, but he was not expecting Kitra Korban nor the adventures they would share.

He meets tribal councils, the “rulers” of Kenya, and the powers behind all action there. He has harrowing escapes, goes on exciting escapades, and escalates U.S. action in the area.

Rare Earth is a thriller and a romance, and rarely predictable – I could not put it down, nor could the other two readers in my household. My husband, after raving about the book, when asked to give it from 1 to 5 stars, gave it 4.5 stars.

When I asked him why, he replied, “Because it ended!”

Run, don’t walk, to your nearest bookstore or click immediately to purchase this book – you won’t want to miss it!

– Deb Haggerty


I am a fan of Davis Bunn books but I think having not read the precursor to this book, Lion of Babylon, I missed out on how Davis developed his Marc Royce character in the first book. As such I thought the characterization in Rare Earth a little weak. That said, I thought the story-line was good with Royce working for the State Department and sent to Africa to uncover corruption in the squalor of hunger-ravaged and crowded refugee camps.

Davis’ vivid setting descriptions transports the reader to experience the camps, the sights, the sounds, the smells all coming to life in a way the reader feels like they are walking the landscape with the characters.

It was a great plot, and I definitely appreciated the fact that Marc Royce’s faith was strongly evident throughout the book. It wasn’t preachy but it was definitely a factor that had him stand out amongst the people he encountered.

Rare Earth is another fast-paced novel by Davis Bunn and for the most part was a very enjoyable read.

-Lynn Dove, Word Salt


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  1. Yes ~ I was sad as RARE EARTH, the Davis Bunn novel ended! It was an exceptional christian thriller with a ‘real-time’ hero, Marc. And you
    do need to read Lion of Babylon first, if possible as Marc’s character
    is built..! Great work Davis…….
    Larry W. Taylor

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