‘Marc Royce is the Kind of Man I’d Like to Be’


Here’s a fantastic review of Rare Earth, my novel that released July 1, 2012. Rick Estep, the reviewer, is giving away a copy of Rare Earth on his blog – to enter, just click this link and leave a comment about Rick’s review.


By Rick Estep
Guest Reviewer

Marc Royce has worked for the State Department on a variety of clandestine assignments, most recently in Iraq. Now he is called on to investigate suspicious activities in the Horn of Africa, a region already in turmoil from decades of violence, corruption, and poverty.

Dropped into the squalor of the refugee camps, Marc confronts a stranglehold of deceit and oppression. Women and children are ravaged by hunger. Aid workers are overstretched. Government officials prevaricate. The presence of armed military contractors adds to the menace. Can anyone be trusted?

Marc’s true assignment focuses on the area’s reserves of scarce metals now vital to high-tech industries. Who is secretly attempting to secure a monopoly on land and mineral rights?

A tenacious Israeli medical administrator named Kitra, suffering losses of her own, reluctantly seeks Marc’s help with her humanitarian efforts. Their shared faith overcomes mutual suspicions. Together, they try to forge a groundbreaking partnership between impoverished African villages and an innovative research compound near Tel Aviv.

But a shadowy group of adversaries–with agendas fueled by greed and revenge–conspires to stop them at any cost.

This is the second book in the “Lion of Babylon” series that is featuring Marc Royce as the main character. Having just saved the world in Iraq, Marc has now been asked to head over to Africa where a long dormant volcano has now erupted causing chaos in all of the surrounding lands. Marc flies into the area that is suffering from a food and supply shortage, not only because there aren’t any, but because there aren’t enough guards to keep it from being a riot.

Marc’s real reason for being there, though, is to find the missing brother of one of the aid workers. This leads to uncovering a widespread conspiracy by different national groups, as well as the very mercenaries that were contracted to keep this from happening. Can Marc come in a help out a nation that has suffered so much?  Can he find Kitra’s brother in time?  HA!  Read the book!

I have enjoyed reading several of Davis Bunn’s books, (especially “Elixir” as it is partially set in North Florida, where I live) and knew right away this would be another home run winner for me. Mr. Bunn has written a character in Marc Royce that embodies the kind of man that I would like to be, the kind that I would like my son to be.

Marc is not only a special forces guru, but he is a thinker as well. When I first “met” Marc in Lion of Babylon, he not only was a physical force to reckon with, but he was also one who was well versed in other cultures. These two books have introduced us to the Christian version of Indiana Jones, and I hope that we get to see more of this fine role model.

Is this a “man’s book”?

You’d better believe it!  This has volcanoes exploding, beating up bullies, mercenaries and more. This book and the first in the series are books that as I was reading them both I could just imagine a movie being made about them. I sure hope they do, we need some great Christian role-models in the movies!

This review was originally published at Rick’s Readings. Reprinted with permission from the author.


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Davis Bunn has done it again!!  In the world of Christian fiction where many of the lead characters spend a lot of time searching for God’s purpose in their lives, Marc Royce of Lion of Babylon and now Rare Earth stands out as a real warrior-hero, like Joshua: one upon whom God has definitely set His seal of approval.

Hopefully those who read Rare Earth will realize Davis is also providing his audience with a deeper, richer experience, when reading of the “miracle” of sworn enemies becoming brothers and sisters in Christ.

-Don Courliss


“…So incredible and a-page-turner shocker..! EVIL moving clandestinely in this world, behind the scenes, hidden, Africa revelation, Holy Spirit activity in the EVIL midst…..! It’s a WOW book by Davis Bunn”

Larry Taylor

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