Lord, make me a tough soldier for You…


I have recently received several new reader reviews of Hidden in Dreams. Below, you’ll find excerpts from the reviews. I urge you to click the links at the end of each excerpt to read the full review at the authors’ blogs.  -Davis


“Dr. Elena Burroughs is presented with a calling to help the world.  She will have to make the choice to come out of the shadows or watch the world suffer.  A financial crisis is looming unless someone takes a stand and discovers the truth about specific dreams happening all around the globe.

It’s a riveting story that will invade your opinions about the plight of America, the elections and your Christian witness.  I could easily see myself in the role of Dr. Burroughs.  When I turned the last page of the book, I immediately prayed that God would keep me strong and help me to be ‘A tough soldier for Him.'”

-Debbie Jansen, The Mommy Detective


“The spiritual elements aren’t just inserted here and there, but are woven naturally throughout the book. In fact, the book would not be complete without the faith of the characters…If you are enjoy contemporary Christian novels, especially those with a little mystery and inspired by our current economic environment, you’ll love this book.”

Jocelyn Green


“Do dreams foretell the future? Can people of faith affect a possible global crisis? Fast-paced and laced with supernatural elements, Hidden in Dreams is a remarkable story.”

Julie  Cannon


“The book was fast-paced and the plot well-developed with a few great twists to keep me interested and engaged in the book through to the end.”

Lynn Dove, Word Salt


Here’s the trailer for Hidden in Dreams

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