Enthusiastic Reader ‘Can’t pick a favorite!’

Photo of Lion of Babylon   Photo of The Centurion's Wife (Acts of Faith Series, Book 1)

Jenifer writes:

I’m a new fan of yours and happened to stumble across The Lion of Babylon when I began searching for e-books at the Wake County Public Library.  Your writing is fantastic, and I got immediately hooked on your work to the point that I’m reading Gold of Kings right now and have All Through the Night as well.  You have now become one of the authors I wish to emulate, along with David Baldacci, Vince Flynn, and DiAnn Mills.  I actually do have a novel, Exiled Heart, due to come out in November in the inspirational market.

It’s also neat to see that you’re a North Carolina native and an adventurer, much like myself.  Thank you too, in your profile, for sharing exactly how long it took for you to get published.  It gave me great comfort since my time frame has been similar.

Again, I just wanted to introduce myself and thank you so much for writing so well. 

Dear Jenifer,

It is rare that I continue to receive such a regular flow of fan mail nine months after a book’s release, but Lion really seems to have struck a chord with many readers. Yours was especially moving, as you are finding inspiration here for your own creative efforts.  I wish you every success as you look beyond the horizon and see the world of missions and faith as a living entity. I wish you every success in your endeavors, and thank you for writing. 


Amanda writes:

The Hidden Flame and The Damascus Way turned up on the book table at our local library. I am not sure whether The Centurion’s Wife is available. If not, can one start at book 2, or will that be an unsatisfactory read? 

Dear Amanda,

Thanks so much for your note.  As far as most readers are concerned, it appears that the books can be read as stand-alones, which is the industry term for books that do not need to be read in sequence. That is certainly how they were intended. There are some key characters who progress through the novels, but the stories themselves are independent of one another. 


Susan writes:

Oh, I only want to say you are an amazing word crafter.  I have a notebook where I write sentences from your books . . . just because they are so evocative and beautifully written, especially from the Storm Syrrell and the Marcus Glenwood books.  But then there are The Lazarus Trap, Imposter, Drummer in the Dark . . . how can one pick a favorite?  I am not a writer, rather an artis . . . one who appreciates the gift you have.

Dear Susan,

What a delightful email. Thank you so much for writing. I do consider writing to be a form of artistic creation, and love the idea of painting emotional pictures for my readers with these words. I feel this has again been accomplished in my latest works, Lion of Babylon and its sequel, Rare Earth. I hope you agree, if you have a chance to read them.

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