‘Like Thanksgiving Dinner After a Week of Junk Food at 7-Eleven’

Peta writes: 

Once I started reading The Damascus Way I could not put it down. I was rather excited to read this book and I just loved to immerse myself in the story and even imagined myself as a bystander looking on as the story unfolded.

Just fantastic. Thank you, from Western Australia

Lorie writes: 

With delight I found your book, The Damascus Way, and read it in 2 days.

What a great and uplifting book! Reading it was like enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with best friends, after a week of junk food at the 7-Eleven!

I do indeed thank the Lord often in my prayers for good writers who write spiritually and emotionally nourishing books to uplift the rest of us. And you are one of the best!

Interestingly, I notice that when you write with Oke, your plots are less tense and breathtaking, but appealing in a softer way. I like you in both modes!

Dear friends,

Thanks so much for the truly wonderful notes. I was thrilled to hear that you connected with the story to such an extent that it transported you to the place. It happened to me several times during the writing, most especially during the trek to Damascus. Again, thanks so much for writing.

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  1. Marcelle Scott says:

    Loved the Acts of Faith series. I read the first three, and wondered if there are more. I was carried back to the Church as it was in the beginning. I feel that even though the books are fiction, they were fillrd with the truth of amiracle working God.

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