‘Intense From the First Page,’ Says ‘Book of Dreams’ Reviewer

By Gary Gilmore
Guest Reviewer

Book of Dreams is not just a novel, but a parable with hidden meanings.

Davis Bunn is a prescient storyteller. Most novels and their authors need the first three or four chapters to set the tone, introduce the characters and provide location and timing. Book of Dreams, however, is intense from the very first page and grows in intensity with each page propelling the reader toward the end with a breathless anticipation of the goal.

Being a pastor-teacher, I admit I held this book in my hands with a different view than most readers. But I found a prophetic parable giving a very real scenario of not only possibility, but very definite probability. Davis combines his business acumen with his spiritual understanding. He has produced a book which, although its non-fiction nature is a ‘what if’, chills the reader with the realization that its scenario is actually happening as we read.

The cast of characters is quite diverse: clinical psychologist, politician, priest, banker, and officer of the law. But they have two things in common: their orthodox belief in Jesus as the Son of God and their unorthodox obedience to His guidance. The two uniting factors that make these characters a cohesive group are their dreams and an ancient Book of Dreams.

As they learn to push past their human inadequacies and grasp the spiritual reality that is happening around them, they are able to be used of God to stop those whose financial greed would destroy the world.

A little murder, a little romance, a little camaraderie, a diabolical plot and a heroine daring-do-right make this a pleasant and chilling read.

Warning! As you begin to read, be ready for a double-read – the lines of the page and the between-lines. You’ll find yourself turning backward in the pages to pick up important things you missed as you go forward.

So read carefully. Even though Davis Bunn does his typical thing of pushing the reader forward at a fast pace, slow down just a little to collect the seemingly unimportant things that you might otherwise miss.  This is not your typical novel.

Gary Gilmore is pastor of Bethesda Worship Center in Tahlequah, OK. A pastor for more than 40 years, Gary is an avid reader. Davis Bunn is his favorite author. He is the author of the Victory Ground blog.

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  1. Wilma Metcalf says:

    I knew I wanted to read this before but now I can’t wait to get it.
    Thank you for a great review.

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