In Search of a Hero (‘Rare Earth’ Review)

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By Tina Hunt
Guest Reviewer

Look in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no! It’s a helicopter and it’s carrying Mark Royce!

Whether it’s Spiderman, Ironman, Larry the Cucumber, or the Avatar, it seems that we are in search of a hero. Life is oppressive and we feel weak and defeated. Who you going to call?

Enter Mark Royce. Now the interesting thing is you will not be able to call him, but he can be your hero just the same. His calling comes from one much higher, and mysterious…and farther up the food chain.

He doesn’t have super powers, or a suit of armor, but he gets the job done. And he’s so real. You can’t help but like him—he has a charisma…at least that’s how the story goes. This man’s man does a pretty good job with the ladies, too!

But what I like best is that no matter where he’s at or who he’s saving or protecting you know that his true mission is immersed in God’s heart. Don’t get me wrong, Davis knows how put the Word in his words. The reader can’t help but walk away with a deeper sense of God, but never feels beat up in the process.

This is Book 2 in the Marc Royce series (Lion of Babylon is Book 1). The really nice thing is that Rare Earth is a stand-alone novel – the main character is the same as in Lion, but nearly all the other characters are new to this book. Readers will have no trouble understanding Rare Earth if they have not read Lion yet. But trust me, you’ll want to read it too.

Tina Hunt is a writer, caregiver, and doting grandmother. She is a writer of devotions and inspirational articles. Tina is also a speaker at retreats and women’s events. An avid reader, Tina enjoys now sharing her thoughts about the books she reads on her blog. This review is reprinted from Tina’s blog, Pot of Manna, with her permission.


By Tammy Griffin

In Lion of Babylon Marc Royce makes his grand appearance. I say grand because, I just can’t help myself, but as I read Lion of Babylon and Rare Earth by Davis Bunn, Marc reminds me of Indiana Jones.  Marc is a man’s man!  He seems unafraid of, well, anything.

Marc Royce is a “past” accountant.  Now, an accountant drums of images of a pale, meek man who pushes numbers all day.  Not so of Marc Royce!

In Rare Earth at the very  beginning of this read Marc makes his presence known and he is unafraid of what others think!

By pushing ahead and taking charge he not only makes his presence known but he establishes his leadership {now this part of Marc reminded of David in the Bible}. As the reader reads on, Marc has many facets to his personality.  He not only takes charge but he insists that the women/girls are safe in the refugee compound.

Marc has loved and lost his love to death but he still has that gentle, sweet caring side.  However,  when the evil ones come against him, Marc is ready with a swift kick, a punch and he takes care of the matter. Unafraid, done!

One thing about Davis Bunn’s books is that the reader will always learn something out of the ordinary.  A person once said that fiction is based on fact.  In Rare Earth the reader not only learns about the tribes of Africa and how they survive but the reader learns about rare earth.  Rare earth is actually once obscure minerals that the high-tech industries seek….strategic elements are called rare earths.

This is one of those reads that is hard to put into a few paragraphs because it is SO good!  The mystery, the action, the tribal views, the people, the smells, the romance all make this book SO real and lifelike that I actually felt that I was part of the story!  A WOW read that brings Africa to your front door!

This review is reprinted from Tammy’s blog, Tammy’s Book Parlor, with her permission.

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