‘Hidden in Dreams’ Video Trailer

Anticipation is building for the July 3 release of Hidden in Dreams, a contemporary suspense in which people from all over the world who have no connection with one another keep having the exact same dreams.

Several world-renowned clinical psychologists attempt to determine the dreams’ source, how the dreams should be interpreted, and whether the world should be warned about the dreams. The story brings together several key people who are in the business of healing — through medication, through psychology, and through faith.

Join me and my protagonist, Dr. Elena Burroughs (who returns from Book of Dreams) as we explore what’s hidden behind the veil of measurable reality.

Let me know what you think of the book trailer:

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  1. Davis Bunn says:

    I apologize, friends, that the video wasn’t viewable for a bit. I mistakenly posted a version of the trailer that was not yet finalized, and I needed to take it down for a couple of days until my publisher sent me the final version. I forgot that I had scheduled it on my blog when I took it down off my other sites. The video should now be viewable.

  2. Vonveevee says:

    I have just finished Lion of Babylon, of which I so enjoyed. But one thing bothered me. Were they catholics or Christians, I couldn’t work it out, and it was important.
    This is my first Davis Bunn novel, so need to know the important parts of the stories.

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