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I have a new giveaway contest to share with you today, as well as five new reviews of Hidden in Dreams.

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By Linda Clare

Davis Bunn’s new release, Hidden in Dreams (Howard Books) is exciting in several ways–not the least of which is an intriguing theme woven into the blanket of psychological suspense. I was drawn by the excellent writing, the compelling subject of pharmaceuticals and their side effects and the brisk pace. I had to learn the story’s outcome in this maze of manipulation and deception.

As the parent of twins as well as the parent of adult children who’ve struggled with different types of mental illness and the ubiquitous medications that so often accompany a diagnosis, I felt connected to the story from the start. That a world-wide scandal such as the one in the story might happen in real life was not a stretch for me. Since World War I, biologicals have been tried as a means of world domination by deranged dictators and governments.

Global finance is a fact of life in the twenty-first century, so corruption on that level seems frighteningly plausible. But should some maniac try to implement a similar plot, let’s hope that the faith portrayed in Hidden in Dreams prevails.

Hidden in Dreams is pure Davis Bunn!

By Deb Haggerty, Positive Grace

A really likable character with an interesting dilemma, some really disreputable villains, and the knight in white armor to save the day.

Dr. Elena Burroughs has written a book on dream interpretation that is being attacked by other experts including one who demolished her during a debate. Her sister, Rachel, comes to her for help – a rare if ever occurrence, telling her of subjects in a clinical trial that are all having the same dream – she is skeptical at the least – patients who all have the same dream?

And then she begins to have that dream – and the consequences could spell the end of economies around the globe. Elena, Rachel, her nemesis, Dr. Jacob Rawlings, and her boss, Reed Thompson begin a journey through doubt, danger, and double-cross. I couldn’t put it down!

Davis takes current conditions and puts a conspiracy spin on them while enthralling and entangling us in his web of words. Hidden in Dreams is 4.5 stars out of five in my book and a must read if you like a fantastic mystery with lots of twists and turns and hairpin curves.

Hidden in Dreams pulled me in from the very first page

By Lynn McMonigal, Lynn’s Corner 

Just when I thought I had figured out what was happening and where the dreams were coming from, the author threw in another twist. I loved not being able to guess what was coming next!

Though Davis Bunn and many of his characters are Christians, the book itself was not “overly religious.” I liked how non-believing characters were encouraged to consider their might be a “higher power” at work in the universe.

The Christian element was there, but the suspense, the story itself, was the main focus. In fact, I think many Christian today could learn a lot about how to live from Elena. She made no secrets of or apologies for her faith in Christ. But never once did she force her beliefs on others or think less of someone just because he or she didn’t hold the same beliefs.

How much better would this world be if more Christians walked in faith like that, rather than just talking about their faith.

Dreams: Commonplace, yet mysterious

By Sherry Bibb, My Tea and Poetry

Dreams. They have been a fascination throughout the history of mankind. They are common place and yet mysterious. We wonder at their origin and their purpose. Biblical accounts tell us of divine warnings to mitigate future disaster.

Disney tells us, “a dream is a wish your heart makes.”

Dickens tells us dreams are the result of a bit of moldy bread or an underdone turnip.

In Hidden in Dreams,  a brand new possibility is presented.

Book 2 of the Elena Burroughs series, Hidden in Dreams  stands alone and is a quick-paced story of intrigue and impending world-wide financial collapse forewarned by a series of dreams. Are these dreams a divine warning or is something more sinister afoot?  Dr. Burroughs and some unlikely allies unexpectedly find themselves in the position to unravel the mystery.

Hidden in Dreams is a good read. It brings together engaging characters, a believable plot set amidst contemporary themes and a refreshing perspective. It made for lighter reading than other titles of similar genre (mystery/psychological fiction). I give this title a 4-star rating.

I have a dream

By Marliss Bombardier, Steadfast

I have a dream, the same dream, which I have dreamed for many years. The setting may be different, but the terror is the same. I am in the dark, and I cannot turn on the light.

Imagine my trepidation when I began reading Hidden in Dreams, by Davis Bunn. In this book, the same series of dreams is dreamt by several dreamers. They are dreams of financial ruin, personally and internationally. Hopefully, my dream is not prophetic, but these dreams seem to be, as events occur in the world.

The question is the source. Are they from God? Is there a rational, scientific explanation? Must those who place their trust in science give credence to the fact that some things just cannot be explained without reference to spirituality and faith?

This book is a sequel to The Book of Dreams. Though it can be read without reading The Book of Dreams first, you will want to read The Book of Dreams also. Elena Burroughs, the protagonist in both books, is a fascinating character with a strong Christian faith which she depends on for direction even when God is silent.

Elena is only one of the rich characters in the book. She is drawn into the dreams mystery by Rachel Lamprey, the antagonistic sister of Elena’s dearest and oldest friend, Miriam, who figured in The Book of Dreams, giving the book of dreams to Elena before she died. Rachel repudiates everything Miriam stood for, but is really not so different from her after all.

Jacob Rawlings, a behaviorist who has in the past brutally flayed Elena in a debate is drawn unwillingly into the dreams controversy when a patient of his shares the dreams. He wants a relationship with Elena, but there is one crucial thing missing.

The president of Elena’s college, Reed Thompson, and his daughter, Stacy, are both stronger, more compassionate, and more faithful people because of the death of a wife and mother years ago. Even the chaotic weather in Florida during hurricane season becomes part of the cast of characters, lending its ominous beat to the march of events.

The setting of impending worldwide financial collapse, torn from today’s headlines, coupled with a recent re-reading of Larry Burkett’s The Coming Economic Earthquake, made it difficult to read this book. However, Davis Bunn is one of my favorite authors and I have read most of what has come from his pen. And in true, Davis Bunn style, there is a totally-unexpected twist.

The prophetic dreams shared by fifteen people who live all over the world, some with great financial or political influence, powerful financial organizations and business corporations, murders, conspiracies, and the threat of global financial collapse, not to mention romance, all make Hidden in Dreams a compelling and exciting read. I give it five stars.

Marliss Bombardier is a writer, editor, web designer. Love living in the great Pacific Northwest, the Paleo/low-carb lifestyle, homeschooling, gardening, family, friends, and most of all, our great God and King who gave His life for us that we might live.

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