‘Hidden in Dreams’ is a Book About the Need for Discernment, Writes Reader

Today I have the pleasure of sharing two beautifully-written reviews from readers of Hidden in Dreams. I am utterly stunned and humbled by both reviews.

The first review is from Karen Barnett, author of the “Cannot Be Shaken” blog. The second is from Wallyce Todd, author of the “In the World With Wallyce” blog.

Both reviews are reprinted with the authors’ permission.

By Karen Barnett, Cannot Be Shaken blog

What happens when unrelated people around the globe experience identical terrifying dreams of world-wide financial collapse? In the novel Hidden In Dreams, all eyes turn to psychologist and dream expert Elena Burroughs for answers.

Are these simple nightmares or predictions of a grim future? As the clock ticks toward impending doom, Elena forms an unlikely alliance with her most vehement critic and the two race to determine whether the messages are of divine origin and if actions can be taken to avoid the catastrophe.

Author Davis Bunn has a gift for writing page-turning novels that keep me awake far past my bedtime and Hidden in Dreams did not disappoint. Rather than dreaming on my own, I was swept away into Elena’s world of dream interpretation.

With a background in psychology, economics, and finance, as well as a business career that took him to over forty countries, Bunn was ideally suited to write this story. He writes with such confidence and expertise that I am completely consumed by the action, never once doubting that such events could possibly occur. 

By Wallyce Todd, In The World With Wallyce

I read every page.

Davis’ Bunn’s new novel, Hidden in Dreams, was the first book I read just for the joy of it in June … literally within an hour of finishing my five-year seminary season (earning an MDiv in Los Angeles). To many people, noting that you read every page of a book may not seem that significant, but to me, it represents the caliber of the content and the effective capturing of my attention because I relished every word.

You see, this is not often the case with me. I learned to read in kindergarten and by sixth grade (after several years sans a TV due to my father’s edict), I had become a voracious reader. I was perusing Reader’s Digest Condensed books in middle school and eating up anything lovely and literary on which I could feast my eyes and my emotions. There were some unfortunate side effects to what some might say was the edifying educational pursuit of near-constant reading… because not everything I read was “true, noble right…” (Phil. 4:8).

Bunn has long been one of my favorite authors. To a woman who has been known to read more than one book a day, yet who actually found herself with a unexpected aversion to reading during grad school — his novels blend spiritual edification with romance and suspense; his superb character development is most often seasoned with intellectual savvy.

A NC native, and current resident of both Florida and England, Bunn is an author with a tremendously eclectic collection of genres. As a writer with future aspirations of being an author, I once found that a bit intimidating… how does he “do” all the different styles so well?!? Bunn has been especially effective in his books echoing his experience in the world of international finance, and which also include his own ever-growing walk of faith.

Hidden in Dreams is a book about the need for discernment. Yes, I know it’s about a group of people who are all having the same dream. Their sleep is disturbed by what seems to be a prophetic message, especially as it relates to the world’s banks and overall economy… but at its core, it’s about knowing the Creator God and affirming that the message you are hearing is truly from Him and not from some fraudulent “other.”

I’ve heard it said that the most effective tool of the Deceiver is to use a lotta truth and a little bit of  “lie.” I believe dreams can be prophetic because I believe Jesus as The Word is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8) and if it happens in the Bible, it can happen today. However, I also believe that just as Bunn’s main character, Elena Burroughs – a psychologist, author and dream interpreter – had to learn to interact with divine discernment not only her mind, but her spirit and her siblings in Christ…we as humans need to acknowledge that just because something seems implausible doesn’t make it impossible.

We walk by faith, not by sight, says II Corinthians 5:7. What seems real may not be. And what seems far-fetched may be just the avenue God’s using to get us in alignment with His Will. In Bunn’s book, the question is: Which is it? Truth or Travesty? Divinity or Deceit?

For me, a former seminarian and recently ordained pastor who also writes and acts, I love when a book appeals to all the parts of me. Hidden in Dreams does that. It is a page-turner, a faith-builder, a mind-stimulator, a spirit-grower and an overall well-written book… which in my experience, is just the way Davis Bunn “does” his books. He’s not too heavy-handed with the faith component, but it shines throughout. I believe his books have an appeal for both believers and those who wonder if this whole “religion or relationship” thing needs to be investigated further.

I was given the book in advance (published by Howard Books, a division of Simon and Schuster), and I agreed to write a blog in response. But, I must be transparent. I would have wanted to tell you about this book and this author regardless. In a literary and textbook world where I learned to be an expert at skimming books or jumping to the ending after I read the beginning and before I decided if it was worth reading the middle… I reiterate this fact: I read every page of Hidden in Dreams… in consecutive order… while my eyes were burning from lack of sleep at the end of my arduous exam season and seminary life.

It was a gift to my brain to do so.

I think your brain would like it, too. Go on, give it the gift.

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