‘Hidden in Dreams’ Has it All, Say Reviewers: Gunfire, Financial Ruin, Lies Romance (to name a few)

I’d like to share several of the reader reviews that just came in for Hidden in Dreams. You also have three new opportunities to win your own copy of Hidden — just click the links to enter Rachel’s, Miralee’s or Sid’s contests (hosted at THEIR blogs).

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Rachel Phifer

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…As with every Bunn book I’ve read, the suspense is page-turning. The mystery is complex and keeps the reader guessing, and, of course, reflects real world events. I gulped down the last 100 pages in one sitting….

Hidden in Dreams is a less mystical story than its predecessor, but is thoroughly enjoyable. As with most of Bunn’s stories, you can expect solid writing, a global mystery, a touch of romance, and a profound spiritual theme. Recommended.

Miralee Ferrell

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The words that came to mind as I was reading?  Compelling and riveting, for starters.

You’re instantly catapulted into the mystery that surrounds dream specialist  Dr. Elena Burroughs, and which quickly spreads to over a dozen other ‘dreamers’ across the world.

To be quite frank, this isn’t the kind of book I’d typically purchase, but the characters were so well drawn, the story and mystery so compelling that it literally drove me to finish…

Sid Frost

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Sid’s review has already been posted on my blog. Check out this post for his review: ‘Hidden in Dreams’ Reviewers call the story ‘intense, intriguing, disturbing.’

Margie Vawter, The Writer’s Tool

When I pick up a Davis Bunn book to read, I expect a great story, excellent characterization, and an intriguing, sometimes heart-pounding, adventure. Hidden in Dreams did not disappoint.

This book is the sequel to Book of Dreams, where Dr. Elena Burroughs is challenged on every side over her emphasis on dream analysis and its effect on the human mind. The emphasis on the economy and unscrupulous people who exploit the circumstances in order to benefit themselves is very real and a topic that affects all of us.

Although the clues were there, I didn’t see the twist coming—at least not in the form that it took. For those who enjoy a fast-paced suspense, Hidden in Dreams is a must-read.

Bonnie Hastings, Multiple Sclerosis

Davis Bunn has spun quite a tale in Hidden In Dreams.  The story is definitely about a plot hidden in several dreams. Several people are having the exact same dream and the same reactions to the dream. Bunn has brought some very different characters into the story, who find themselves working together in spite of their opposing views about dreams.

Davis Bunn has written a great suspenseful story that deals with current issues of the economy and the world’s financial system. I really liked the conclusion of the events and the end of the book.

Debbie Phillips of Debbie’s Digest

This book has it all: gunfire, financial ruin, big corporations, lies, manipulation, romance, a fight for control of money on a global scale, doubt, fear, spirituality, prayer, and kidnapping.

Geni White, Books, Books, Books: Pits or Pearls?

Dr. Elena Burroughs, world-renowned dream expert, is now teaching at a Florida college, a welcome respite from her past year of overwhelming difficulties. Then a late friend Miriam’s sister, Rachel arrives with a plea for Elena to help a man having dreadful dreams that may impact the launch of Rachel’s project, a new medicine for ADHD.

Soon news arrives from around the world of unrelated people with a similar dream. And then Elena herself experiences the frightening nightmare. The dream warns of world financial catastrophe and Elena is engaged by Rachel’s company to help people survive. Complications cascade into hers and other lives.

At the point where readers may feel convinced the entire world is doomed, Elena discovers something readers will never expect. I’m so excited about that part of the book I’m tempted to reveal this fascinating event. But that would spoil the story for readers.

However, know this book will keep you immersed in the suspense, the unusual events and a dangerous but satisfying ending, including some romance.

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