‘Gold of Kings’ Lessens Boredom of Long Plane Flight

Diana writes:

Gold of Kings made a long flight (3 planes) to Alaska go very quickly. Good suspense, great characters. Another winner.

Lal writes:

I have just finished reading Gold of Kings.

It’s a real thriller. It shows how deep you have studied the subject matter and one moment I was lost between reality and fiction. Harry Bennett, one of the main characters reminds me of old “Colombo”, but he was more than that.

Thanks so much for the lovely notes, friends!  This is such great news. So glad the story resonated with you both.


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  1. William Sweet says:

    I have always enjoyed reading, but found it hard to find a good book. I discovered you and your books this past summer. I have not stopped reading since. I read 7 of your books before Christmas. Gold of Kings and the Black Madonna were books I could not put down. I would read until I was too sleepy, go to bed then get up a few hours later and continue. I hope a third book in the Storm Syrrell series is coming out soon. I love your characters and the fact that you can write with such excitement without being too graphic. You have an uncanny knowledge of the history and subject matter. I keep our public library hopping with your new books.

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