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By Renee Ann Smith, Doorkeeper 

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Once Dr. Elena Burroughs’ life might have seemed like a dream come true. She had a book on the best-sellers list, a position at a prestigious Oxford clinic, and an Italian financier eager to romance her. But one-by-one those dreams fell through. Even her house burned down. Now her life is one long, dreary disappointment.

When corporate biochemist Rachel Lamprey unexpectedly shows up in Elena’s college classroom to beg for help, Elena senses that something is not quite right. Perhaps Rachel’s personal assistant sweeping the room for electronic bugs clues her in. Or maybe it’s that Elena has been specifically warned about Rachel’s casual ruthlessness.

However, Elena ignores her misgivings. She reasons that things couldn’t possibly get any worse.

Boy, is she wrong.

Since Elena is an expert on dream interpretation, she’s not surprised that Rachel wants her to analyze a client’s frightening dream. But two things make the assignment unusually disturbing.

  • One, it’s not a nightmare about monsters or ghosts that has the man so terrified. It’s an omen of an imminent financial crisis—the worst the world has seen.
  • And two, people all over the globe are having the exact same dream.

Because of her involvement, Elena’s life changes overnight. She’s unwillingly thrust into a group of international power players, who want in on whatever happens next. Elena is way over her head.

Oh, there are some perks. Two different men become interested in dating her. She makes friends with a young girl who would dearly love a motherly influence in her life. And she has a great idea for a new bestseller. But she’s not sure all that makes up for the close-calls, death threats, and nightmares.

As Elena’s adventure progresses, she learns important lessons about listening for God’s voice when His message seems hidden—and that there is meaning even in His silences. The end of her story was surprising but very satisfying. 

Renee Ann Smith is a writer, teacher, small-town girl, and story-lover. You can find her at


By Katherine Scott Jones, Story Matters

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In Hidden in Dreams, Bunn has delivered another high quality novel, the kind his legions of fans expect. He’s mastered his page-turning technique. His characters are authentic, not cardboard.

His plotline is engaging, full of interesting twists, and I like the way he weaves real life issues (ADHD, financial collapse, Biblical prophecy) with fiction. I envy the depth and breadth of his imagination. Most fans of Christian fiction will gobble up this book.

My only quibble is that his Christian characters are sometimes too safe. In Elena’s developing romance, for instance, there’s no fear that either she or her beau will misbehave. As a Christian reader, I don’t want a romantic pair to step out of bounds, but I’d like to think they might…to show they’re human, but also to add a layer of tension. Since they didn’t seem even tempted, I couldn’t relate. (It also made me wonder, where’s the passion?)

That said, Hidden in Dreams is a well-crafted novel. If you’re a fan of Davis Bunn or speculative fiction in general, you’ll not be disappointed.

Rating: 4 out of 5–for an intriguing premise and superior plot development.

Katherine Scott Jones is  a published writer, aspiring novelist, story consultant. Wife to one cool engineer, mom to two miraculous kids.


By Heidi Geis, MBT Ponderers

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I read this book in one sitting. I could not put it down. The story is captivating, and frighteningly realistic. As a writer, I appreciated the actual writing; Bunn crafted some pretty amazing sentences.

As a reader, I loved that just as I thought I had it figured out I realized I was wrong. That doesn’t happen often, and I loved the twists.

Heidi Geis is a pastor’s wife, homeschool mom of teenage boys, and wannabe Food Network Star. She ponders fiction, both reading it and writing it, from the Pacific Northwest.

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