Fun Filmwork Feedback

Karen writes:

Thanks for the sneak peek into the world of film. You also gave us a picture of the person you are and how you are guided by God. I work at a bookstore and love recommending your books to customers especially ones who have never read your books. I have compared you to Francine Rivers another favorite author. Loved the collaboration with Janette Oke!!! Keep on writing and growing in Jesus!

Cali writes:

As an emerging writer, I found it fascinating to learn about the process of script writing.  To have the actors themselves talk to you about the characters must have been like having a character in a novel develop beyond what you expected.  It’s happened to me, as I’m sure it’s happened to you, but then to have that character displayed in a person who is telling you these things must have been amazing and surreal.

Dorothy writes:

Am so looking forward to this movie when it is out. Your books are so well received in the library where I am the purchaser and I know that there will be a lot of interest in this movie. I am also anxiously awaiting your next novel…love your writing!!

Larry writes:

Thanks so much for sharing this report with your subscribers. This is just awesome! I’m not over remembering all details of recent LION OF BABYLON and so looking forward to the new novel, RARE EARTH… However, I see what you mean about “using new tools” and it’s so interesting how God can use an author to write or even ’embed’ spiritual data/points in novels and I suppose at times the writer might not even know he did that, but by the Spirit was it so subtlety accomplished….

Barb writes:

I am amazed at how God uses us in new and different ways if we are just willing and obedient! God bless you richly – I’ll be waiting to see this one.

Dear Friends,

There have been some amazing comments on my website and emails regarding the latest blog post on my recent filmwork for Unlimited.  Thank you so much, for the wonderful and encouraging comments.  As I work to develop the novel from the screenplay—the first time I have ever worked in this order, these very warm and heartfelt comments have been a great boost. 

Thank you again for writing. 

Warmest regards,


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