Free Download of ‘The Centurion’s Wife’ Available


I wanted to alert you that the e-book version of The Centurion’s Wife, Book 1 in the Acts of Faith series I co-authored with Janette Oke, is available FREE for a limited time.

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2 Responses to “Free Download of ‘The Centurion’s Wife’ Available”

  1. Valerie Ploch says:

    Guess the sale is over….I was sent to to purchase. It was only $2.99, however, I have so much credit at Katy Budget books that I will wait til the next time I’m there and pick up some of your books which I have not read….they have a big selection, thank goodness!

  2. Davis Bunn says:

    Yes, it was a really quick freebie offer, Valerie. Thanks for picking up more of my books anyway — let me know what you think of them! -db

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