First UK Review of ‘The Damascus Way’

Here is a lovely review of The Damascus Way that I received from The Good Book Stall.  I believe it’s our our first review in the UK.

By Mary Bartholomew

I have so enjoyed this series. Each one I have thought could not be bettered, but I was wrong, my enjoyment has increased with each book. The historical research that lies behind any fictional re-telling of Bible times, means you can learn a great deal, and this is certainly so with this trilogy.

The fear among the Christians in Jerusalem after the stoning of Stephen and the appearance of Saul with his mission to destroy them is palpable, and that fear follows them as many flee the city into remote parts of Judea and Samaria. Here they find others of like persuasion who are willing to help them, and in this story we follow Stephen’s widow and child to a new life at a trading post on the edge of the desert.

The description of a journey through a sand storm in this desert and many other incidents in the story help us to understand more fully, the background to this part of the Gospel story.

We meet with many familiar characters and new story lines and characters are introduced which makes for a thoroughly good read.

A boxed set of these books is available for £25, ISBN 978-0-764-29509-6

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