Elaine Dalton Reviews ‘The Hidden Flame’

By Elaine Dalton
Guest Reviewer

The Hidden Flame

Authors: Davis Bunn and Janette Oke

Genre: Christian, Historical Fiction, Biblical, Romance, Sequel


In this second installment of the Acts of Faith trilogy, the center of attention shifts to Abigail, the merry-hearted but crippled beautiful young woman. Recently reunited with her brother Jacob whom she’d long thought dead, Abigail finds a new chapter in her life opening, beginning with the hurried departure of her dear friends Leah and Alban.

An important new task is given Abigail within the growing community of believers that serves to occupy her hands and heart but not her increasing worries over Jacob and the rumors whispered on the streets of Jerusalem. Unbeknown to Abigail, she is about to face a loss so great it will shake her world and cause her to lean even more on the loving arms of God.

Two years after the events of The Centurion’s Wife take place two men enter the scene and both desire Abigail for themselves. One is a wealthy merchant named Ezra who wants a mother for his two young children and someone to take the place of his departed beloved wife. The other is Alban’s friend Linux, who soon finds himself in a battle he never anticipated. Carrying new orders from Rome and hatred in his heart for his pompous older brother Castor, Linux will do anything to get back at Castor.

But with threats against the growing community of believers increasing, from the Sanhedrin as well as the new governor, and Abigail’s worries over Jacob beginning to hit home, the Roman officer finds his world being torn in half. And when tragedy unexpected strikes, will the believers’ faith be enough to see them through the times of peril and persecution ahead or will they break?


This was a very well written novel. It flowed well from all three main characters’ viewpoints and had just enough description to give you the setting without bogging down the whole book.

The conversations between the characters were all very interesting as well. And it was a real treat to see Biblical figures I’ve long been familiar with, such as Stephan, Saul, Gamaliel, Sapphira and her husband, introduced and fleshed out.

It was also nice to have Peter in several more scenes than in the prequel. I think Linux was my favorite character as he struggled with all his burdens. The tragedy is so sad but I admit I was too excited to see how all the characters reacted to cry with them.


PG-12 and up for reading level and a violent death though not graphic at all, thankfully.


I received this book free from Bethany House Publishers. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions expressed in the above review are my own.

Elaine Dalton is the firstborn of five children, all homechooled by loving Christian parents. Books are what she knows and does best; she’s been devouring them since she was ten and writing them since she was thirteen. Classics, historical fictions, action/adventures, and epics are her favorite genres, and if they’re Christian, she’s in book heaven!

Elaine writes, “After my graduation I shall go to work for my parents tutoring my siblings and will continue to read and review great books as well as write them. My goal is to provide families with good wholesome reads that point them to our Savior without any unnecessary or inappropriate surprises.”

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  1. Kim Lussier says:

    I absolutely love this series. I discovered Davis Bunn thru his partnership with Janette Oke and now I am a big fan. My favorite genre is christian historical fiction and this book to me to the beginning of my book time. It gave me a chance to see the people of the bible as the ordinary people they were who did extraordinary things. What a blessing it was to discover! The only thing that bothered me while reading this book was knowing that I had to wait for another in the series, rather that having it ready to dive into when I finished this one. Thank you Davis Bunn for using your talent for the glory of God and sharing it with us.

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