A Complete List of Books by Davis Bunn

I love it when my readers help out!

Several years ago I stopped keeping track of the books I’ve had published. One of my readers, Gary Gilmore, prepared a list of my books.

Gary writes:  “I know some of the books are out of print, but they are still in local libraries – where I found all of mine.”

Click below to open a PDF of all my published books… as well as a sneak preview of titles that will be coming soon:

Davis Bunn – Complete List of Books PDF – Updated June 3, 2015

Please visit the Books page on my website for detailed information about my books in print.

30 Responses to “A Complete List of Books by Davis Bunn”

  1. Gary Gilmore says:

    Thanks, Davis, for putting this list out there to help other Bunn book lovers. I wish now I had cleaned it up a bit and arranged it a little differently. Maybe I will find some time to “re-order” the page and make it more appealing, showing the dates when published, ect.. It is always good to have a complete list of a writers books.

  2. I love MR. Bunns books there are so insperation and very romantic in a very wonderful mysterious way. I love it and so do all of my friends and especialy my boyfriend too. Davis writes his books in a such wonderful athouseieastic sudden way with such skill and great talent. His books are really a great joy to read and you really cannot put any of them down as soon as you start reading them. Take care and God Bless and enjoy MR.Bunns books and novels they are so much fun to be reading. Sincerly Susan Lee Iseman From Cambridge New York.

  3. Janice Perron says:

    Thanks so much for this list! I have been checking out several sites for a complete list!!
    Very helpful! Merry Christmas

  4. Christine Steves says:

    Thank you Mr. Gilmore and Mr. Bunn for access to this list. It is tremendously helpful. Love you books.

  5. Judy Bishop says:

    Have been looking for the Cheney & Shiloh books for years, but have only gotten the first 3 of them. Where in the world can I find any more of that series? Did you and Lynn stop writing them or what? Sure would love to have them if there are more of them. I have all of the first eight.
    Judy Bishop

  6. Barb Guenterberg says:

    Hi Judy Bishop,
    The authors of the Cheney & Shiloh series are father-daughter Gilbert & Lynn Morris–excellent series.

  7. I really appreciate this list by stand alones and series. PLEASE UPDATE IT! THANKS. CLAUDINE

  8. Bonnie Gray says:

    I would like to know if you are going to continue Falconers Quest? I have read your books from the very first one I just love them all. Keep on writing.

    Bonnie Gray

  9. Terry Davies says:

    Loving your books…..
    Just finished All through the night. looking to see is there one more about Wayne and Tatyana.
    I love how I can slip onto the first page and feel quite at home.
    I relive so many of my younger days.
    Kenya- UK-China-India- What I read is so much of the real world today.
    And in your books I see how Jesus can grow us at any age.
    Bless you Davis.

  10. Terry Davies says:

    Love the patch quilt you have as our own stamp.

  11. Hope Ferguson says:

    PLEASE, update the list of your books including both series and stand-alones. I am a church librarian trying to place orders and put them in the proper order on the shelf. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would benefit from a list that is maintained and updated with each new publication. Keep writing and delegate this assignment!!! Blessings!

  12. Davis Bunn says:

    Just updated the list, and I included some upcoming titles to watch for, as well.

  13. Bettye says:

    I just finished Book of Hours, and I must know: Is there a sequel? I can’t believe you left me “hanging” with the last paragraph! Surely you finished that great story somewhere. Thanks for your prompt reply.

  14. Cheryl says:

    I don’t find Deadly Games or The Messenger on this list. Nor is the 6th and 7th in the Rendevous with Destiny Series listed. What else is missing?

    Will we be hearing any more from Buddy Korda in the future?

  15. Eva Donovan says:

    Davis I loved the stories about Marc Royce, had me on the edge of he “recliner”. Will you write about him again.
    Love being a Bunn-ie.

  16. joy gage says:

    Hi Davis,
    What a help this is. Thanks for publishing it.

    I hear you will be at Mt. Hermon this year. Wish I could be there and take your class.


  17. Irene says:

    Hello. I was wondering if you will be publishing a sequel book to “The Patmos Deception” since you ended the story with the bishop saying to the those gathered, “Let us go and see what the scribe had to say”. Sounds like the start of another great book! Enjoy reading your books and love how you tell your stories. Keeps my interest! Thank you! Irene

  18. Barbara Collver says:

    I’ve enjoyed your books for a long time and keep track of all that I read for you and other favorite authors. Thank you for a list and including it as series,etc. Great for my lists – and they are long! One for what I’ve read and one for what I want to read. This will help me. THANKS! Barb

  19. John H Binnie says:

    Long, long time reader.

    Also for a long time have been trying to find the book which dealt with a bomber getting into the US through Waterton Park Alberta in order to meet with a partner. Down the lake to the US side, killing the US ranger etc.
    can anyone help. thank you jhb

  20. Sara BLANTON says:

    I just finished reading Patmos Deception. I have just one thing to say. There had better be a sequel to this book! !!

  21. Barbara Billingsley says:

    I have them all, I’ve read them all (some several times) and I can’t wait for the next one every time I finish the one in my hand!!!

  22. Gary Gilmore says:

    Thanks, Davis, for keeping the list up. I know Laura is a big help on this. So glad you keep writing more books. You write, I’ll read, and read, and read. And if you are ever in South Africa, let’s have a cup of tea together. Blessings.

  23. Rose says:


    I am an avid reader. You are my favorite author. I was wondering if you would write another Storm Syrrell book. Those two books are my favorite books of yours. I know fan tasy books are in now but I’m just not into that. I’d really love another “Storm” book.

    I usually never read a book twice but I am reading Gold of Kings for the second time. Please keep writing these awesome books.
    God Bless…

  24. Davis Bunn says:

    Thanks for reading, Rose! Unfortunately, additional “Storm” books are not in the works at this point. I’m glad you enjoyed them.

  25. Davis Bunn says:

    Sounds good, Gary! And thank you for doing the legwork in developing the initial list.

  26. Davis Bunn says:

    Thank you, Barbara.

  27. Check, check,check, check…..hours & hours of inspiration, reading pleasure, suspense, and delight! Bless you!…and I just won a copy of Trial Run …so my list isnow completely current!

  28. claudine lehman says:

    I believe there were several stand-alone books before Maestro.

  29. Glenn Harris says:

    I have just finished reading the series ” Rendezvous). I know they are old books but the thread of WWII with the main characters always winning out over the old ( and showing Gods actions in all of that ) ant then you bring in the Russian aspects. I hope you will write a conclusion ( hardly can with the todays events) but it would be great to see the main characters finishing off the Russian issue and retiring to a more quieter life. Istanbul has always been a hotbed of intrigue but that seems to have stopped ( except for the religious conflicts going on. Always have the liked the excitement in your books. Thanks

  30. Kay Stone says:

    I read a couple books by you back in 2007. I believe due to solar flares modern cars and computers wouldn’t operate. People had to dig up their yards to plant crops, etc. Does any of this ring a bell?? I wanted a friend to read them. I enjoyed them so veryuch.

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