A Complete List of Books by Davis Bunn

I love it when my readers help out!

Several years ago I stopped keeping track of the books I’ve had published. But apparently, one of my readers hasn’t. I’d like to thank Gary Gilmore for preparing and sharing this list of my books.

Gary writes:  “I know some of the books are “out of print”, but they are still in local libraries – where I found all of mine.”

Davis Bunn Book List (PDF)

Please visit the Books page on my website for detailed information about my books in print.

8 Responses to “A Complete List of Books by Davis Bunn”

  1. Gary Gilmore says:

    Thanks, Davis, for putting this list out there to help other Bunn book lovers. I wish now I had cleaned it up a bit and arranged it a little differently. Maybe I will find some time to “re-order” the page and make it more appealing, showing the dates when published, ect.. It is always good to have a complete list of a writers books.

  2. I love MR. Bunns books there are so insperation and very romantic in a very wonderful mysterious way. I love it and so do all of my friends and especialy my boyfriend too. Davis writes his books in a such wonderful athouseieastic sudden way with such skill and great talent. His books are really a great joy to read and you really cannot put any of them down as soon as you start reading them. Take care and God Bless and enjoy MR.Bunns books and novels they are so much fun to be reading. Sincerly Susan Lee Iseman From Cambridge New York.

  3. Janice Perron says:

    Thanks so much for this list! I have been checking out several sites for a complete list!!
    Very helpful! Merry Christmas

  4. Christine Steves says:

    Thank you Mr. Gilmore and Mr. Bunn for access to this list. It is tremendously helpful. Love you books.

  5. Judy Bishop says:

    Have been looking for the Cheney & Shiloh books for years, but have only gotten the first 3 of them. Where in the world can I find any more of that series? Did you and Lynn stop writing them or what? Sure would love to have them if there are more of them. I have all of the first eight.
    Judy Bishop

  6. Barb Guenterberg says:

    Hi Judy Bishop,
    The authors of the Cheney & Shiloh series are father-daughter Gilbert & Lynn Morris–excellent series.

  7. I really appreciate this list by stand alones and series. PLEASE UPDATE IT! THANKS. CLAUDINE

  8. Bonnie Gray says:

    I would like to know if you are going to continue Falconers Quest? I have read your books from the very first one I just love them all. Keep on writing.

    Bonnie Gray

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