Clarification on ‘Falconer’s Quest’ and ‘Florian’s Gate’

Carole writes:

Is it possible to purchase your Heirs of Acadia Loyal Renegade anywhere? I truly hope so. I love your historical fiction.

Dear Carol,

Thank you so much for the lovely note.  Unfortunately, ‘Loyal Renegade’ was never written.  I know, it is mentioned there in the previous book.  Originally I intended to do one additional book in that series.  Then Janette Oke, who had retired five years earlier, decided her health was good enough to let her return to writing. 

We had discussed the possibility of doing a Bible-based series back before she retired, and it was something I really did not want to do on my own.  There simply wasn’t time to write the new series with her (‘Centurion’s Wife’ and ‘Hidden Flame’) and do two more in the Acadia series.  So with Bethany’s blessing I compressed the two final books into one.  ‘Falconer’s Quest’ was the result.  To be honest, I consider it the best of the series.  I miss John Falconer.  Writing in his company was a blast.  I’d love to bring him back some day. 

John Errington writes:

My mother-in-law is 79 and a committed Christian.  Over the past few years we have bought her all of the Janette Oke books and she has particularly enjoyed the most recent – the Song of Acadia and  Acts of Faith sets which you co-wrote.  She would dearly love to have the Heirs of Acadia series but try as we might I have been unable to find the set of five books in a condition fit to give her as a present. 

I have tried the usual sources –,, the book depository, abebooks, but have not been able to source the complete set. I wonder if you could possibly direct me to a bookseller that might be able to help? Many thanks. 

Dear Reverend Errington,

 I have checked online, and confirm that finding a complete boxed set is impossible. But Amazon’s authorized  booksellers do have all copies of the series available individually, and at reasonable prices – I checked like this a couple of years ago for another title, and found it on sale for two hundred dollars. Shame none of that would find its way into the author’s pocket.

The Heirs of Acadia series books are available from online booksellers and from your local library. Here is a list of all five books in the series, in order:

Book 1: The Solitary Envoy

Book 2: The Innocent Libertine

Book 3: The Noble Fugitive

Book 4: The Night Angel

Book 5: Falconer’s Quest

Lyn writes:

It was a pleasure to read Florian’s Gate, the first I have read of Davis Bunn’s. Pleasure seems a strange word to use for a book that was so informative on the sufferings of the Poles. Even sufferings seems too light a word. Although the story line is about the pain about Alexander Kantor’s hidden pain there is so much about the history of Poland and their resilience in the face of so much pain and destruction. I learned so much also of antiques and how they were used. I learned so much about the fine line of truth and the sometime yoke we put on ourselves and others with the admonition of ‘telling the truth’. I recommend this as a book to read that challenges one’s concepts. That on the reading, one may come to the end somewhat more humble than at the beginning. Thank you so much. 

Dear Lyn,

What a delight to receive your email, and how nice to have this opportunity to revisit ‘Florian’s Gate.’ This was the first in a series of three books, entitled ‘The Priceless Collection,’ based around the experiences of my wife’s family after WWII. The books have been out of print now for over a decade, and it is amazing that just this month I have received five different fan mails based upon these stories. 

Two things might be of interest: First, the trilogy is to be re-published in 2013; ‘Florian’s Gate’ in February, ‘Amber Room’ in May, and ‘Winter Palace’ in November. Second, two recent books that other fans of the series have found to contain a powerful connection are ‘Lion of Babylon’ and ‘Gold of Kings’.

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  1. “The Winter Palace”, quickly followed by the other two, was my first adventure into your novels, and I found them to be deeply soul-searching in how I looked at history and at my own eastern European background. Your style spoke to me, since I write historical fiction myself and have been an avid reader since I can remember!
    I look forward to the trilogy being reprinted! Thank you for the good news!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Dear Mr. Bunn,

    My mother and I have been fans of your books for many years. We started with the Priceless Collection and moved on from there. I think we have every book you and your wife have published. I was so glad to hear that you were re-publishing the Priceless Collection — our set has become quite frayed from reading them over and over and loaning them to many friends who we have turned on to your books. I was wondering if the Priceless books will be released in audible format? I am a member of Audible Books and would love to be able to listen to them as well as the Book of Hours. Also, I was wondering why the Priceless Collection as well as your other earlier books are not listed on your website in your Books area?



  3. Patricia Frey says:

    Dear Mr. Bunn,

    I’m reading and thoroughly enjoying Florian’s Gate and have The AmberRoom and Winter Gate waiting in my Kindle library. I read The Amber Room years ago but my interest in it was rekindled when I was given a copy of a letter my uncle had written to another niece citing a newspaper article about the Amber room. He was a pilot in WW-II who flew in to Weimar two days after the war ended and walked over to Buchenwald concentration camp. My neighbor across the street is from St. Petersburg and we’ve talked of the Amber room as well. I’m sure that you can understand that your books are bringing their stories to life and I’m very grateful.


    Patricia Frey

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