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Reviewers Write About Unlimited Power, Unlimited Potential, Unlimited Grace

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

UnlimitedBookCover788x1200Here are some excerpts from new reader reviews of Unlimited, which released September 1, 2013.

Please click the link next to each reviewer’s name to read their full review.

“The center of the story revolves around a device that creates, or rather salvages, unlimited energy ~ energy that is wasted from power plants and other sources. It is a device sorely needed in this desperately poor area and making it work comes with great personal cost. Simon will learn that it isn’t just book knowledge that makes you a success in life, it is also what you do with the gifts you have been given. He is a brilliant young man but until he turns to the true source of power, he will not understand his own unlimited potential.”

-Rozanne Janacek, Amazon

“The search may have been for unlimited power, but the discovery seems to have been unlimited grace for those with overwhelming shame, those struggling to trust and forgive, and those simply seeking to serve.

Once again Davis Bunn has provided an exhilarating story that invites the reader to think big: big about the world we live in and big about God.”

-Tina Hunt, Pot of Manna blog

“At a time when I, like Simon, doubted my potential and the gift God has planted within me, Unlimited glimmered into my reading life with a challenge – “be more.” Channel that wasted energy and potential. Believe in the dreams that God has buried in your very soul. Believe in His ability to make the impossible possible. Believe that you are destined to light up the dark.”

-Amanda Brogan, Walking The Narrow Way blog

Amanda Brogan works as a photographer in Omaha, Nebraska. She plans on pursuing her dreams to become an author of inspiring, Christian books. Catch more of her writing at or at her blog

“Think about the last time you failed someone-what would it have been like if you weren’t able to make amends to them because they had mysteriously died? And what if you were on your way to them when events were happening to keep you from arriving? This is where we find Simon as Unlimited begins.”

-Kim Campbell, Amazon

“If Unlimited is your first exposure to Davis Bunn, you will never regret checking out all the books this talented author has produced. They are as diverse as is his imagination, and each one carries a distinct, yet vital message for today.”

-Erin Elise, Amazon


‘Unlimited’ Readers Discuss the Real Harold Finch

Friday, November 8th, 2013

UnlimitedBookCover788x1200Here are some excerpts from new reader reviews of Unlimited, which released September 1, 2013.

Please click the link next to each reviewer’s name to read their full review.

“A story of suspense, redemption, and ultimately hope, Davis Bunn’s new thriller grabs readers and carries them through a labyrinth of danger where things are not as they seem… I was fascinated to learn that Harold’s character is based on a real Harold Finch who sold his consulting business to H&R Block for over 100 million back in the seventies. He then devoted his life to helping underprivileged children reach their potential.”

-Lori Boles, Amazon

“…Although this is Christian fiction, it does not preach to you. It is an honest rendering of faith-filled people living their lives in this world with all of its difficulties (and probably a few extra problems that most of us will never have to deal with).

-Mary Dushel, GoodReads

“A story of suspense, courage, secrets, and some romance. Something here for everybody.”

-Wilma Metcalf, Amazon

“…Harold Finch is the orphanage proprietor and a real live person who inspired the story. Finch was the founder and CEO of a successful management-leadership consulting group, which he later sold for over a hundred million dollars.

A man of true faith, Dr. Finch traveled the world, teaching his concepts and helping underprivileged children learn that they have tremendous potential and purpose in God’s eyes. This inventor and educator devoted his resources to fund missionary projects and orphanages. In the story, he tells Simon, ‘The world is full of motivated people going nowhere.’”

Samuel Hall’s blog

“The action takes place in only a few days, and it is relentless all the way to the surprise ending! An excellent read for anyone who enjoys high-stakes adventure.”

-Marjorie Vawter, The Writer’s Tool blog

“Unlimited inspires readers to confront their personal challenges, and hints that there is a greater purpose in life than mere survival.”

-Sarah Gunning Moser, Family Education Services blog

Readers Discuss Simon Orwell in ‘Unlimited’

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

UnlimitedBookCover788x1200Every Thursday during October, I’m sharing excerpts from reader reviews of Unlimited, which released September 1, 2013. The major motion picture of the same title was released in U.S. cinemas October 16, 2013.

Please click the link next to each reviewer’s name to read their full review.

“With his masterful style fully displayed, and his ability to apply a lesson on several levels, Davis Bunn once again invites you – no, drags you – into another life-altering saga.

The world has always been searching for the unlimited – unlimited wealth, unlimited power, unlimited passion, unlimited health.  But they’ve been looking for the unlimited in all the wrong places. While struggling to provide unlimited electricity to an orphanage in Mexico, Simon discovers the Source of the unlimited life.”

-Steve Hilton, Doc’s Doin’s blog

“Unlimited is an age-old story told in a modern day setting. Everything is in a mess, harder to untangle than a wad of yarn. The country is in a mess, the town is in a mess, the orphanage is in a mess, and the one person who seems to chosen to fix everything is a mess…”

-Gary Gilmore, Gary’s Thoughts blog

“…At Unlimited’s center is a broken man. Simon has been disappointed and he has disappointed those close to him; forgiving himself and opening up again are daily challenges.

Add an orphanage bursting with children and believers who surround him with love and compassion, and slowly, gradually, Simon’s unlimited potential is coaxed to the surface.”

-Laura Lee Groves, Outnumbered Mom blog

“The device ‘anchored him [Simon] to a million broken dreams.’ (pg 14) Boy can I relate to that. I am sure there are others out there who feel the same. Will God give us another chance, or have we blown it to many times?? God gives unlimited grace to us. I am so thankful for that.”

-Debbie Phillips, Debbie’s Digest blog

“This book challenged me as a believer. Do I really believe that nothing is impossible with God, that God’s power working in me can achieve what I couldn’t even dream up on my own? Simon’s journey seems to ask the question, just how big is your God. Is He big enough to take your past failures and redeem them, to take our puny efforts and transform them to something amazing? If He’s not, you might just need to have your notions about who God is shattered, just like Simon did.”

 -Mary Ann Esque, Reflections of Radiance blog

“Simon is a complex character and this book is about his journey, his growing and learning about life and there is a good bit of adventure along the way. The rest of the cast of characters provides great countering and support and I’m intrigued to wonder what the actors will pull off in the film as to what I’ve seen in my imagination.”

-Margaret Chind, Creative Madness Mama blog

“Simon Orwell, the main character, starts out as the kind of guy that you really want to dislike yet find yourself strangely identifying with.”

-Kattarin Kirk, A Gracious Stumble blog

“The mystery and intrigue of Simon Orwell’s trip to Mexico made me want to read more, and I look forward to reading Bunn’s other books – this was my first but not my last.”

-Joanne Mueller, Amazon
Joanne lives with her husband in Oregon where she enjoys writing and homeschooling their two children.

Dastardly Villains, Adventure and Betrayal, Say Reviewers of ‘Unlimited’

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

UnlimitedBookCover788x1200Every Thursday during October, I’m sharing excerpts from reader reviews of Unlimited, which released September 1, 2013. The major motion picture of the same title released in U.S. cinemas October 16, 2013.

Please click the link next to each reviewer’s name to read their full review.

“…As a social worker, another point of personal connection I found with this story is the fact so many characters are orphans. I’ve worked closely with children in foster care. Bunn’s portrayal of the special needs and common problems facing children “in the system” is achingly accurate. And the care and attention provided orphans in this story is touching, and sorely needed in the real world.”

Mary Kay Moody’s blog

Mary Kay Moody is an advocate, a speaker, an encourager of God-sized dreams, and writes fiction and non-fiction from the intersection of our plans and God’s Purpose.


“Where would you turn if you were stuck in Mexico without a passport, your car burned up, and the one person you knew is missing? In Unlimited by Davis Bunn, Simon Orwell crosses the border into Mexico to meet up with a professor he knows well, but a simple presentation on a new energy machine turns into a nightmare. With past regrets and a hit man both on his tail, Simon has to decide whom he can trust, and figure out how to get to the bottom of the death of his friend.”

-Michelle Rayburn, Faith, Creativity, Life blog

“Davis Bunn writes a fantastic novel in Unlimited. It includes the drug cartel and lots and lots of adventure!”

-Tammy Griffin, Tammy’s Book Parlor blog

“…Engaging and captivating… equal parts thriller, mystery, and romance with just enough sci-fi thrown in to keep even the pickiest reader enthralled.”

-Karen Linton, Amazon

“This book is filled with suspense, betrayal, and it is also beautifully portrays hope, and daring to believe, and not giving up.”

-Sarah Cole, GoodReads

“The characters seem real, the villains are dastardly. The pace of the action is just right.”

-LaVonne Svenhard,


Winners List for ‘Unlimited’ Sweepstakes

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Congratulations to the winners of my UNLIMITED sweepstakes!

The following winners (selected via Random Number Generator from among all entries)  have claimed their prizes:

Grand prize ($50 Fandango gift card and a copy of Unlimited):

  • Mary Gallo from Virginia

Additional winners receive a copy of Unlimited:

  • Mary Arndt, northern Minnesota
  •  Cindy A. from southern middle Tennessee
  • Andrea Bullock, Willow Spring, NC
  • Anna Mosley, Hernando, FL
  • Rosalie Powell, Cassville, MO
  • Abigail Richmond from Blanch, NC
  • Brian S. from Virginia
  • Tamyra Vest, Scottsburg, VA
  • Lauren Young, Chesapeake, VA

‘Unlimited’ on Sale for 99 cents October 22

Monday, October 21st, 2013

Unlimited99centSaleMy publisher informed me that there will be a one-day ebook sale of UNLIMITED tomorrow, October 22, 2013. The ebook will be only 99 cents!

From October 23-29, the sale price will be $3.99.

Order it from your favorite e-tailer:

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UNLIMITED Film Opens Strong in Kansas City Cinemas

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Unlimited Movie PosterUnlimited opened strong in Kansas City, becoming the third highest grossing movie nationwide this weekend in terms of per screen average (combining theater and Seatzy ticket sales).

The movie averaged $7,397.40 per screen in its limited release with a mix of sold-out showings in Kansas City, MO. This per screen average was third only to Gravity and Captain Phillips in the market, overshadowing national per screen averages of other new independent movies such as The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete ($1,730 per screen) and Machete Kills ($1,512 per screen).

Inspired by the real-life experiences of successful entrepreneur/NASA spacecraft scientist Harold L. Finch, Unlimited kicked off its opening weekend festivities with a special premiere event October 10. The red carpet gala featured key cast and crew who were joined by Finch’s family to celebrate the story of the Kansas City native on the big screen.

Unlimited’s success was garnered through grassroots and diverse marketing efforts that included comprehensive social media and publicity. In addition, the movie was released through Seatzy™, a new movie ticket reservation platform and film distribution company where Kansas City residents showed their support of the film by purchasing tickets prior to the film’s release.

Starring actor and former U.S. Senator Fred Thompson as Harold L. Finch (Law & Order and The Hunt for Red October), Robert Amaya  as Pedro, (Courageous and October Baby), and Daniel Ross Owens as Simon, the movie is about a brilliant student whose life has taken a series of wrong turns. At the point of giving up on his dreams, he gets a call from an old professor who has discovered a breakthrough in a device that would create unlimited energy, and he needs Simon’s help.

But once Simon crosses the border into Mexico, nothing goes as planned. The professor has been killed and Simon is assaulted and nearly killed by members of a powerful drug cartel. Now he must take refuge in the only place that will help him – a local orphanage. There, he meets Finch, a former NASA scientist and his life begins to change.

With Finch’s help, Simon sets out on a journey to find out who killed the professor and the reason behind their motives. In the process, he discovers the truth about the world-changing device, along with uncovering the power that will allow him to reach his own unlimited potential.

With its recent box office success, plans are currently underway to roll out a nationwide release of the film in spring of 2014 with opening cities to be announced at a later date.

More Good News!

If you’d like to read the novel that accompanies the movie, there’s a sale coming up: The ebook version of Unlimited will be 99 cents on Oct 22, 2013. From October 23-29, it will be on sale for $3.99.

Get it from your favorite e-tailer:

Amazon Kindle:
B&N NOOK Book: eBook:

Thanks For Entering the UNLIMITED Sweepstakes

Monday, October 14th, 2013


I am in the process of contacting each of the prospective winners of the UNLIMITED sweepstakes. I’ll announce the 10 winners of a copy of UNLIMITED, plus the Grand Prize winner of a $50 Fandango Gift Card + UNLIMITED as soon as each winner has confirmed.

Thousands of people entered the sweepstakes; I’m so grateful to each of you for your interest, and for the many of you who shared the contest with your Facebook friends and on Twitter.

A special note of thanks and a huge virtual hug goes out to the Launch Team participants, who not only helped promote the sweepstakes on their own blogs and social networks, but who also posted their own reviews of UNLIMITED all over the Internet. You are the best readers an author could ever hope for, and I appreciate you.



‘Unlimited’ Reviewers Discuss Their Favorite Characters

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

UnlimitedBookCover788x1200Every Thursday for the next few weeks, I’m sharing excerpts from reader reviews of Unlimited, which released September 1, 2013. The major motion picture of the same title will debut in U.S. cinemas October 16, 2013.

Please click the link next to each reviewer’s name to read their full review.

“From page one Simon, the main character, had me by the hair and the heart. I don’t remember how many times I experienced one wave of emotion after another, from sympathy to commiseration to heartbreak and so on. Simon was one of those flawed characters who you couldn’t help but root for.”

-Nona King, Word Obsession blog

“My favorite character was one of the orphans, a young boy named Juan, who pops in and out of the story like a Mexican jumping bean. He was delightful, full of mischief, and you just had to smile whenever he was around.”

-Pris Phillips, GoodReads

“…An action packed totally believable story of people struggling with real issues of guilt, redemption, and personal discovery.”

-Terri Smith, Amazon

“Bunn is known for engaging characters and a puzzle-like ability to knit every twist and turn together. I am a big fan of his “Lion of Babylon” and “Rare Earth” books for this reason. What I liked about Unlimited: it has glimpses of those Bunn hits, and a great setting in the real-life town of Ojinaga, Mexico.”

-Crystal Kupper, Crystal’s Cliffnotes blog

Crystal Kupper is a military wife, freelance magazine writer and stay-at-home mom to three children ages five and under. She hopes to one day meet Davis Bunn, since she and her family will be moving to the UK in one month.


“I so enjoyed the premise, the lively characters, the cultural nuances, the possibility the technology represents, and the underlying message, that I wish the book would have been twice as long.”

-Jill St. Clair, Amazon

“…An intriguing combination of a murder mystery that can only be solved by faith in God.

-Kathryn Eriksen, Miracle Living blog

“Unlimited is an interesting battle set in Mexico and partially based on a true story. By battle I mean that it is a human drama about good vs. evil, but much more about finding a personal sense of meaning and responsibility in this life.”

-Cynde Suite, Cyndecat’s Reading

“I give this book five stars because it was clean, Christ-centered and action packed!”

-Missy Shay, Missy’s Homemaking Adventures

‘Unlimited’ Encourages Readers to Make a Difference

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

UnlimitedBookCover788x1200Every Thursday for the next few weeks, I’m sharing excerpts from reader reviews of Unlimited, which released September 1, 2013. The major motion picture of the same title will debut in U.S. cinemas October 16, 2013.

Please click the link next to each reviewer’s name to read their full review.

Occasionally I run across a book that sounds good, and upon reading it I find it far better than I had anticipated from the book description, and this is one such book… Simon is a young man who has made some bad choices in life, and it seems nothing is going right for him, but as the book progresses, we see God can change and save even a misfit like him.”

-Mark Buzard, Thoughts of a Sojourner blog

Mark writes: I am a single guy living in northeastern Ohio. I work as a security guard in a hospital, and read and review books on my blog in my spare time. I read mostly Christian fiction, and my favorite genre’ is Christian suspense/mystery.


“I closed the book with a stronger resolve to make a difference in my communities: local and global. I know that I can, I know that I will, I know that I do. Read the book. Watch the movie. Make a difference.”

-Lonzine Lee, I’m Just Asking blog

“Davis Bunn has a way of creating a story which shares the intimate journeys of people like you and me—yet these ordinary folks experience firsthand how their lives affect issues that feature large on the world stage.

And isn’t that just how God works? He can orchestrate a world-wide battle yet tenderly turn His attention to our smallest concern. I love that!”

-Renee Ann Smith, Doorkeeper blog

Unlimited left me with a better understanding of the political situation in Mexico, a new quest for ways to love and protect orphans, and a great satisfaction with the book as a whole.”

-Gary Gilmore, Amazon

“The only problem with releasing the book first is, how is the movie going to be able to top the book?”

-Eddie Gilley, Amazon

“Davis Bunn has once again done a magnificent job of making you feel like you are right in the midst of the story. He has truly lived up to his title of ‘Gentleman Adventurer.’”

-Jocelin Boutet, In HaShem’s Hand blog

“I like how each character is challenged with their walk with God. It is always real.”

-Renia Snyder, Desert Dwelling Mama blog

“A thriller that takes you across the border into Mexico, but even deeper into our souls.”

-Christine O’Connor, Amazon